Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home

Zero waste is not just about recycling and composting, zero waste is a lifestyle that starts before you purchase any items because its all about prevention  first.  

In our house we are travelling along a journey creating a zero waste lifestyle as best as we can but with every journey there are stumbling blocks along the way and new things to learn every day, from how we can cut down on our landfill, recycling and compost waste. 

In order to help us live a zero waste lifestyle we live by the 5 r’s;

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle , Rott 

This page is continually being added with new tips as we travel along our journey and learn new things along the way.

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At the end of last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of Plastic Free Tuesday where the lovely Annemieke gave us some fantastic tips on how we can reduce our plastic consumption.


Zero Waste Blogger Network

I have recently joined a Zero Waste Network, connecting up with other zero waste bloggers from all all over the world. As part of this network we are nominating each other to answer 10 questions about what zero waste means to them. Here are my answers to these questions.


Stand Out From The  Crowd And Start (2)One of the biggest things that end up in landfill is all the single use items that we get offered when out buying a take away lunch, shopping or ordering a takeaway to enjoy snuggled up at home in front of the TV. But there is a way we can live a normal life with out these single use items in our lives and here are my top tips on how we can manage that.


Top tips on how you can reduce your power consumption

The waste we create is not just what we throw away but its also the energy we waste every day by leaving lights on, having the heating turned up to high or leaving everything on stand by. Here are some tips on how you can reduce your power consumption.


Interview With Make Do And Mend (3)

Over on Twitter there are this an exciting community building who share tips, ideas and help each other to make do and mend everything we own from furniture to clothes. So I had a chat with Jen who dreamt up this group and asked her all about Make Do And Mend Hour.


How To Avoid Increasing Your Waste While

It can be daunting doing long commutes or travelling away with your family and still trying to live a zero waste lifestyle. I know how you feel as I have been in that situation recently but it can be easy to still keep to your zero waste ethics and travel with a bit of organisation and forward planning. Here are my tips on keeping your waste to zero while travelling.


Lets Talk Wet Wipes And Their Impact On The Environment

As a parent to 3 children I understand how useful wet wipes are to mop up bums, hands and faces but I started asking myself even though I need wet wipes on hand do I really need single use wet wipes or would I cope with using washable wet wipes. After all when the children were younger I used washable nappies on all three and I managed fine with them. After a lot of thinking I took the plunge and I have never looked back. Here you can see how I make my own washable wet wipes.


remake britainHave you heard about the company on the block called Remade In Britain? This shop is packed full of furniture, clothes to gift cards made from recycled items. They have just teamed up with Grand Designs (UK TV show) encouraging people to upcycle / recycle their old items into new useful items, find out more here.


Buy & Sell Pre Loved Products

One of the biggest things we can do to stop items ending up in landfill when we no longer need them to sell them on to other people who are looking for what we don’t need any more and on the other side of the coin, instead of rushing to the high street to buy a new item, look at what other people are selling and buy pre loved items.  Here are my tips on buying and selling pre loved items.


Zero Magazine And Newspaper Waste

The big question I have been asking myself recently is do we really need to buy magazines and newspapers when we can so easily read them online? I know this goes against everything I have said before about my love of paper but these paper products even though can be recycled are still part of the waste my family creates.


Zero Junk Mail Waste

One of the biggest things that drives me up the wall is the amount of junk waste that comes through my door. Not only am I not interested in reading it but then it adds to the waste we have to be responsible for. Here are my top tips to stop this unwanted waste coming through your door.


What Can I Do With  Worn Out Pants

Unfortunately pants don’t last forever and sooner or latter the elastic goes ping, which can be embarrassing if you are wearing a skirt at the time. But when they do go ping there are lots of new uses you can put your pants to.


8 ways to use thoses odd socks you have lying around

Is your washing machine anything like mine and likes eating a single sock at a time when it gets hungry? (I hope my house id not the only house that has this problem) Well I have found 8 fun and useful things you can do with the sock which is left behind.



I was in the need for a new skirt and what better way I thought, is there than to make a skirt out the t-shirts I had decluttered from my draw that were worse for wear. Here is how I made myself a t-shirt skirt


Dog Toy

My parents dogs are always destroying their toys and these toys are expensive to buy so I thought I would create them a new toy out of my children recycled old t-shirts. Here is how I made their new toy.


From Knitted jumper to infinity scarf

I have always wanted to own an infinity scarf but they are always so expensive in the shops so I made my self one from an old 100% wool jumper that I no longer liked. Here is how you can make your own infinity scarf.


Plastic Free July

Thousands of people across the world this month are taking part in Plastic Free July by  taking up the challenge to refuse all single use plastic for one month, which is a brilliant challenge I am going to try my hardest to take part in and stick to.



One of the biggest plast wastage in our house our plastic bread bags because we go through so many loaves a bread a week. Here is how I conquered the bread bag problem.


Plastic Milk Bottles

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at cutting out our use of single use plastic as part of plastic free challenge,this we are eradicating plastic milk bottles!


Plastic Free Shopping Bags

It never occurred to me how much plastic was in our reusable shopping bags we bought from a supermarket, until one broke this week and I was left with a massive problem. It is made from PLASTIC the one thing we are trying to cut down on so I decided I am going to make my own reusable shopping bags with the scrap fabric I have laying around.


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