Simple Living

Simple Living

Even though we have been making lots of changes kinder to the environment the way we live our lives but our lives are hectic and stressful. 

But our lives don’t need to be this hectic or stressful if we lived a more simple life.

Here is our journey on creating a simple life while living in a hectic and stressful world .

This page is continuously being updated so please keep coming back to catch up on our next step of the journey to live a simple lifestyle.

simple living challenge

Introduction in to why and how I plan on adapting our lives to live a simple lifestyle  with less stress and less clutter.

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Simple Living Kitchen

The first part of our journey to live a simple lifestyle I tackled our kitchen by clearing out all the clutter and putting everything in an order that was easy to use and maintain.

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Simple Living Limiting Commitments

In order for us to live a simple lifestyle I need to re look at all my commitments outside of work and family. I can’t enjoy my family and my life if my diary is bursting full with commitments I don’t necessarily enjoy doing any more or I can not give my full attention to.

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simple living paper work

If our paperwork is in order then it’s easier to control and know where everything is. No more hunting through piles of paperwork looking for the cars mot certificate or that contract you signed a few days ago. Everything in order results in less stress.

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Simple life - Kids Bedroom

One of the biggest things that I questioned about living a simple lifestyle was; How on earth can you live a simple lifestyle with children? As they are a clutter magnet and I am for ever picking up the destruction they leave behind them. But it is possible you just have to approach your childrens toys / clothes the same way you approach your own clutter.

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Simple Life - Save Time & Money Planning Meals Ahead Of Time

Its amazing how much time in a day I have been wasting wandering up and down the aisles of the supermarket trying to work out seven main meals to feed five people and how much money I wasted along the way over buying certain items.  But the one thing I have learnt during this journey to live a simple lifestyle is my time is precious so by planning meals ahead of shopping not only saves me money but also over halfs my time spent in the supermarket.

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top 10 tips on simple living housework

Apart from shopping, housework to another job that takes up a ridiculous amount of time that I could be using to run across the beach with my children or sit and read a good book. But housework does not have to take up so much of your time. In fact housework can be done in less than an hour every day.

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for a simple life we need to have space

One of the biggest things I have learnt through our journey to become more simplistic is that I need to make time for me to explore the word around me, for metal space so I can function as the person I am meant to be and make space for what the future holds.

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embracing simlicityAlthough last year I challenged my family to live a simple lifestyle, I never embraced simplicity so after a while I fell back into some old habits before we started this challenge. But in order to fully live a simple lifestyle I need to embrace simplicity with both hands. So a new year and fully embracing our simplistic lifestyle there is no way I will ever fall back into old habits and our lives are going to be more fulfilling.

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Learning How To Say No

As part of embracing our simplistic lifestyle I have had to learn to say NO without feeling guilty or feeling I have upset anyone. Time is precious to me and I want to spend as much time as I can with my children creating memories with them that they will remember for the rest of their lives. I can now say no when asked if I can take part in something whether that may be work related or outside family commitments with a positive attitude and knowing that no one has been hurt in the process.

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why I do what I do

I am asked a lot recently why I do the things I do and why I live my life the way I live my life. I find answering this question really hard because I find it hard talking about my self. But I have tried really hard to answer these questions the best I can honestly and from the heart.


Project 333One of the easiest things I have found to live a simple life is not having to get up in the morning and searching through crammed wardrobes and draws to search out something to wear. So I took part in the 333 project to reduce my morning stress and the amount of clothes I own.


Staying organised with lists and notesOne of the things that help me keep our busy house organized and running pretty much on time is keeping well organised notes and lists for everything. Here are some tips on the different ways I note down everything that needs to be done and where they need to be.


8 week challangeOver on our facebook group page we have set ourselves a 8 week challenge to live a more simplistic lifestyle. During the 8 weeks we are going to be looking at Decluttering our home in areas that sometimes get overlooked, Happiness, Learning / Personal development, Finances, Time management, Health, Relationships and Social.


Why I Choose To Live A simple LifestyleThere comes a point in your life where you start looking at where you life is going and that is where I ended up. I decided that I did not like where my life was heading so I made the decision to change it and live a slower pace simple lifestyle.


Simple Ways To Be Earth Friendly AndThere is a question that rears its head every now and again that I am asked; “I don’t have much time to make changes but how can I make easy simple changes to be more earth friendly and sustainable?” So I thought I would tackle this question with 6 of my simplest tips on how you can be earth friendly and sustainable without spending a lot of time or money making changes.


Top Tips To Owning A Minimalist WardrobeA few months back I decided to take part in the 333 challenge to reduce my wardrobe down to just 30 items including bags, shoes and accessories. At first I thought this was going to be hard difficult task and I would never be able to survive with just 30 items. But I did and loved, not having a crowded wardrobe or draws so I could easily see what I had to choose from to wear.  But also it made me more inventive with what I did wear, creating mixes and designs I had never thought of doing before.  Here are my top tips to living life with a minimalist wardrobe.


To Fulfill Your Inner Happiness You NeedTo fulfill your inner happiness you need to live in the present and not in the past or the future. If not you  will be missing out on the greatest things your life have designed for you.


Creating A Simple Lifestyle WorkbookIs

What is this workbook all about? Well to simply put it, its a book that will help you start your journey to live a simple lifestyle and live out all the dreams you never thought would come true. Everything in this workbook I have done when I first started my family on our simplistic lifestyle, I have learnt we need to deal with and I go back to and revisit when I start to question why am I doing all this. (Negative thoughts are the worst thing to stop you from enjoying your life.)


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