My Favorite Blogs


If I don’t have my head in a good book then I have my head in a whole host of different blogs. I love reading about other peoples experiences, tips on life and creativity.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs :-

aperture64 – Looks at the world of photography different angles and teaches you how to take the best photo’s you can.

My Zero Waste – A blog about how one family reduced waste and pollution to our environment since 2004. Using simple ideas and available resources.

My Make Do And Mend Year – Jen spent a whole year buying nothing and making do with what she had, while blogging about her whole experience.

Eco Thrifty Living – Zoe and her family are on a journey to be eco friendly and she blogs about their journey including their ups and downs.

Ridge Way Cottage – Ridge Way Cottage is about all the fun things the family get up too from growing vegetables in their garden too knitting.

EcoGrrl – Aimee Fahey writes in a fun and informative way about wellness and living the Eco way.

Westy Writes – Gave up shopping in supermarkets for  lent and this fun packed blog follows their journey.

A Beautiful mess – A beautiful mess is all about creating a beautiful life were Elsie & Emma believe that the best things in life are homemade.

decor8 – Decor8 is Holly Becker gives a honest opinion on fresh decorating ideas, interior spaces, art and design.

bleubirdvintage – Is a little heaven about  James Kicinski-Mccoy, who is bringing up her small family on seventy’s love and thrift store, reading, dancing to old records.

Ingthings – Ingids’s Blog is full of brightly colored loveless. She loves all things small, used, handmade, good and ugly.

yvestown – Is about the lovely journey  Yvonne Eijkenduijn as she creates her home from a old gentleman’s house from 1896 to a  to an old ladies home replacing a lot of brown with pink and white.

One Sheepish Girl –  Meredith is a  yarn loving blogger who blogs about her  adventures in knitting and crochet

Dexterous Diva  – Jo Gifford is a designer, blogger and hyper creative geek who shares all her knowledge on design and blogging on her blog.

The Eco Friendly Family – Amanda talks about getting fit, composting, cloth diapers, safe products,and tips on reducing chemical exposure and her family life.


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