Earth Friendly Beauty

Earth Friendly Beauty

Beauty Products don’t  just make us feel better but they also have a lasting effect on our health due to the chemicals that are used to make them. Without forgetting  the impact these products have on the environment during production and after we have finished with the packaging to hold our favourite beauty product. 

As Part of our journey to be earth friendly we are slowly changing our beauty products to homemade earth friendly products that will not only protect the environment but our health too.

This page is constantly being updated as we make more and more changes to the products we use on our bodies.

4 Effective Ways To Smooth Out Cracked

For some reason during the winter months I suffer from cracked heels while my feet are all snuggled up in my socks but with the warm weather now with us I want my feet to grab hold of the fresh air and my heels smooth as a babies bum. As I live so close to the beach I smooth my heels out walking over the Cornish sand and taking a dip in the sea. I have always found sea salt and sand keeps my heels smooth during late spring and summer. If you don’t live near the beach here are some tips how you can natural smooth and heal your cracked heels.


Homemade toothpaste and mouthwash

Over the last year I have been trying to convince my husband that we should no longer buy high street toothpaste because of the amount of plastic and fluoride they contain and make our own instead. I finally took the plunge at making our own toothpaste and now I will never go back to bought toothpaste again.


homemade dry shampoo

Make your own dry shampoo using just 3 ingredients you have already in your kitchen.


lush lips for the cost of a take away coffee

A good quality lip balm can be expensive to buy to keep your lips soft and well moisturised. Here is a great recipe for making your own lip balm for the same cost as take away cup of coffee.


Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

My husband enjoys tinkering with cars and I enjoy gardening so our hands get rather dirty. Although there are lots of hand scrubs on the market they are expensive and I am never sure of the full amount of ingredients they contain. So we make our own hand scrub from 2 ingredients I have in my kitchen and once you have made your scrub it lasts a long time in a airtight container.


Thrifty hairspray

There is one thing I am really particular about and thats my hair. I have been known to spend a small fortune on my hair with lots of different products and hairdresser appointments. But I have found a hairspray recipe I can easily make in my kitchen that contains no nasty chemicals and works.


Eco-Freindly Hair Removal

Us ladies spend a small fortune pruning ourselves with different potions and lots of visits to beauty therapists but do we really know what we are putting our body through just to remove some unwanted hair? Here are some useful tips on how to remove your unwanted hair a earth friendly way not to mention kinder to your body to.



Do you know that all shop brand shampoos contain plastic and leave a plastic film on your hair to make it shiny?  Thats with out all the other chemicals shampoo and conditioner contain. Here are my tips on how to have healthy shiny hair without all these added chemicals.


Non Chemical Head Lice remedy

As soon as my girls started going to nursery and then full time school they have continually caught head lice from their friends. We were useing the shop bought head lice solution which did get rid of the head lice and some eggs but made my childrens head sore. After going on the hunt for a non toxic solution I found these simple techniques to get get rid of the head lice without damaging my childrens scalp.


20131020-095027-am.jpgAlthough none of my children are in nappies now, when they were in nappies I wish I had known how to make my own nappy cream. Instead of having to use the horrible white sticky stuff that stained clothes and you could never wash off your hands completely. Not only are these creams horrible to apply but they contain chemicals I would rather not put on my babies bottom.


Handmade gentle but fun foaming handwash

My children seem to find that even the littlest bar of soap can become a game in the bathroom to how much they can smear it around the bathroom. Although I want them to have their independants at washing their hands it got to the point where I had to monitor them every time they went near the soap. This is not only time consuming but it is also taking away their independence. So I made so foaming soap for our bathroom that is not only easy to use (no more smearing)  but the girls love playing with the bubbles between their fingers.


Non Chemical Natural Ingredients Homemade MascaraI don’t really wear make up that much only because I never have time to put it on in the mornings. But when hubby and I go out on a date night or I get invited out with the girls I like to pop on a bit of lippy and some mascara. But  it never sits right with my every time I put some mascara because why would I want so may chemicals so close to my eyes. I set my self a challenge to find some earth friendly, eye friendly mascara I could make for myself and still feel I had the made the effort when I go out. Here is the mascara recipe I use.


How To Fight A Urine Infection Naturally

There are  few natural ways to treat a urine infection rather than relying on antibiotics (but please note I am not advising anyone to not go to the doctors when you have a urine infection.)


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