Buy Nothing New Challenge

Buy Nothing New Challenge

At the beginning of 2015 we decided as a family to challenge ourselves to buy nothing new for a whole year.

Here is is our journey throughout the year trying to not to consume more than we need to survive the year.

Please continue to pop back and see if we are managing to stick to our buy nothing challenge or if we have stumbled on a few issues as we travel through 2015

buy nothing new 2015So 2015 has arrived and our buy nothing journey is just about to start but before we can embrace this new exciting challenge we need to set ourselves a few ground rules.


Buy Nothing New JanuaryJanuary was an easy introduction for us to get use to being part of this challenge. But although there was nothing we really needed to buy there were still changes we had to make in order for January to run smoothly.


Buy Nothing New February&MarchFebruary and March have been a couple of hard months for us and everything just seemed to break or go wrong but we managed to survive with a bit of out the box thinking.


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