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emma1Hi I’m Emma aca Mommy Emu and this is my blog which is not only my passion but my best friend too, where I share my journey bringing up a family with Eco ethics and creating a lovely environmentally friendly home.

so who am i ?

Before I was a full time mother  I worked with children with learning disabilities for 10 years which gave me  great enjoyment. But when my  youngest 2 children came along I wanted to be  at home with them sharing every moment of their milestones and their growing interest in the world.  So I gave up work and embraced being a full time mom and housewife.

familyIt was during this new journey in my life, watching the girls enjoying going for walks along the seaside, feeding the local ducks and horses I started to think about how as a family were living our lives and how this was having a impact on our health and the beautiful environment we live in.

Although I spent a few years thinking, reading books, blogs and listening to radio shows about how as a human race we are effecting the environment and how much the chemicals we expose our bodies too affect our health. I delayed making any manager changes because I thought they would be costly and too much of a upheaval. Then our eldest daughter started getting eczema really bad on her legs and arms. The doctors gave her all sorts of lotions and potions which worked to keep the eczema under control but never cured it. After speaking to a good friend about my daughter’s eczema she  recommended filling old socks with oats and hanging them under the warm water while filling the bath for her. To my surprise the oats in her bath water calmed down her eczema just as much as all the lotions and potions the doctor had given her. This was the icing on the cake for me and our journey to change the way we live started.

My Kids

I  would love for you to join our family’s  journey as we learn more and make lots of changes to the way we live, with a smile on our face.

I love talking to people and learning new things all the time.  So please comment, email, Twitter, Facebook , Google+ as I would love to get to know you and learn tips from you too.

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