Ecover’s New Formula Washing Up Liquid

Ecover logo

This summer I was asked by Ecover if I would test their pioneering new improved washing up liquid. So throughout the whole of August I have been washing my dishes with Ecover washing up liquid to see if it satisfies a busy household and all its dishes.

I took this washing up liquid everywhere with me throughout the month including on our boating holiday and camping. After all we are a  family who enjoys the outdoors and nature so what better way to test it.

Whats different about this new washing up liquid?

  • Washes  up 40% more plates.
  • Contains 20% more plant based content, which now means it contains 99.8% plant based ingredients.
  • Includes surprising ingredients like coconut oil and sugar.
  • The packaging is 100% renewable, reusable and recyclable because its made from sugarcane as well as post consumer recycled plastic.


All sounds good so far but what does Eclover themselves say about their new washing up liquid. Well Tom Domen, Innovation Manager for Ecover said

“Ecover has been on a journey to not only make products even less harmfull to the environment, but to ensure they match the performance of conventional cleaners, which is good for both our customers and the planet. Going forward we will continue to look at nature to create the ecologically powerful cleaning products for the home and for busy lives. It’s our commitment to lessening the burden on the earth’s resources”

Ok so Ecover have made some massive changes to their product that are all great for us green, environmentally conscious people. But does the product actually work and value for money or is this just great publicity for Eclover?

Well I was sent 500ml bottle of Lemon & Aloe Vera washing up liquid, which in the shops would of cost me around £1.60. In our house that size bottle would last us around 2 weeks max, depending on who is washing up and how many times someone has to stand at the sink and do the washing up. (We don’t own a dishwasher so all our dishes are washed by hand.)

Eclover Washing Up Liquid

As I said in the beginning to make this test is true to our family over the month of August I took my bottle every where we were eating and sleeping (sailing boat, caravan and home), to not only see how well it washes our dishes but also see how long it lasts for.

What did I find?

  • The bottle lasts for a very, very, very long time and after 4 weeks usage, I still have some left in the bottle. (Which if i wanted to could refill at my local health food shop and farmer’s shop)
  • The scent of the washing up liquid is not very powerful to the nose which makes it very pleasant to use.
  • Washes glasses very well, even though you don’t need very much washing up liquid to add to the water. Our glasses were smear free and glistening which was the first sign I may like this product. (I hate glasses full of smear marks.)
  • After cooking a roast normally I have to soak the roasting tin but this time there was no need to soak my time as this washing up liquid just cut through the grease and stuck on roast potatoes.
  • When I normally wash up after a family meal (for 5 people and all the pots and pans), i have to change the water using more washing up liquid but with this Ecover version, I never had to do that.

eclover camping

Using my Ecover bottle while camping 

Over all I am surprisingly impressed with how Ecovers new washing up liquid stood the test of time in my household.  To the point where I am thinking about refilling my bottle and to carry on using this washing up liquid instead of my usually green washing up liquid.

Do you use Ecover to wash your dishes and if so how do you find their washing up liquid?

Have you ever considered changing your washing up liquid brand for a greener version?

Do you use a green washing up liquid and if you do what brand do you use?

Please note,I have not received any financial payment from Ecover for reviewing their new formula washing up liquid and this review is my own personal opinion only.

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