Keeping Your Child Healthy: Preparing the Snacks

Keeping Your Child Healthy- Preparing the

I would like to introduce you to my guest blogger today Zoe Moore. Zoe is a teacher, a Science teacher to be exact. She’s a mother of two lovely kids, who enjoys writing everything under the sun and baking in her kitchen for her family.

Over to you Zoe:

Being a parent is a whole lot more difficult than just being an older sister or brother to a sibling. It would mean that you would have to be there for them all the time, let them commit mistakes so that they could learn from it, kiss their knees when it bleed, look out for them in a sunny Sunday morning in the park, send them to and fetch from school, make assignments with them, study the lessons for tomorrow’s quiz with them, read them bedtime stories and of course, keep them of good moral, have good character and always make sure to keep them healthy. And it can be tiring at times, yes. Only, as a parent, you do not have the excuse not to do all those things for them because you would simply do it all for them especially making them healthy.

Junk food is the trend to most children. Even though you have trained them to eat only the healthiest foods at home, you cannot control what they eat all the time because you cannot be a hundred percent with them 24/7 and every second especially when they go to school. So you just have to rely on how teachers will further educate them on the right and wrong food choice and the school’s cafeteria to just sell the good types of food.


But you can do more! You can still let them eat the foods you know are healthy for them by packing their snacks to school. Here are some of the best healthy school snacks that your child/children will surely love:

  1. Blue Bagels

Who does not love bagels? Your children will surely love this easy snack. All you need is a bagel, a cup of blueberries, a cup of reduced-fat cream cheese and mini whole-wheat bagels. Smash (or blend) the blueberries with the cream cheese together. Cut the bagels into half (crosswise). Put about two tablespoons of the spread into one side of the bagel and cover it with the other. Enjoy!


  1. Almond Butter

Give your kids a variety of choice for their spreads! Prepare and cook this spread for 25 minutes and your kids are ready to go. All you need to have is 300 grams of skin-on almonds, honey, whole grain bread, food processor and an oven. Heat the almonds in the oven at 190C/170C fan/gas 5 and roast for ten minutes and then remove from the oven and allow it to cool. Process for 12 minutes with occasional stops to scrape the sides down and then spread on the bread slices.


  1. Crunchy Munch

Nothing’s better than giving your kids the fruits of their choice and packing it for them to school! Grab some fruits (apple, grapes, strawberries, sugar snap peas) and wash it thoroughly. When dried, put into a zip-lock bag and into their lunchboxes. Have also some dip like chocolate one to make them feel even happier!

All these snacks can be packed and put into your own choice of reusable container that will satisfy your instincts and the needs of your child and the snacks. There is no other best way to keep them healthy than doing their own food because at least by this method, you are sure on what they eat. Happy snacks packing!

Thank you Zoe for some really tasty snack recipes that we can make over the next coming days.

What tasty, healthy snack recipes do you regularly use in your family?


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