How Can I Recycle This?

How Can I Recycle This -

Every now and again while I am drifting around the internet I come across a page I know I will keep returning back to. Today was one of those where I came across a fantastic page called How can I recycle this?

How can I recycle this? was founded by Louisa Parry and John Leach in 2006 with the aim to throw a positive spin on recycling, inspire practical and creative ideas and help people get started thinking about reusing everyday items that we would not normally think of reusing or have never found away to reuse it so the item just ends up in landfill. But this page is not just a page full of over 900 ideas on different things we can reuse and recycle. How can I recycle this? Is also a community page where you can suggest different items for them to look how we can recycle a certain item and each week they post a green dilemma that occurs in one of the community members lives, allowing the community to support each other through their green living journey.

I highly recommend you go and check out this page, as I am sure you will be able to find a new way of recycling / reusing an item you had never thought of before.

What items has you become stuck with ideas how to recycle or reuse?

Happy Recycling 



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