Liebster Award Nomination


Wow it seems ages since I sat in front of my laptop to write a post. As a family over the last two weeks we have been busy playing on Fowey River and camping at a local festival. I always love the summer holidays because it takes the restriction of day to day life away from us, to go and enjoy the simple things we enjoy in life.  If you follow me on Instagram you would of caught some of the things we have been up to but just in case you are not on Instagram here is a quick photo over view of our last couple of weeks.

Mommy Emu Family

Liebster Award Nomination

My heart skipped a beat this morning when I sat down to read all your lovely comments to find the lovely Danielle from No Need For Mars had nominated me for the the Liebster Award.  Danielle is part of a zero waste network I am part of. Danielle  spends her time promoting her zero waste life style, while sharing tips on how we can all live a zero waste life style. I highly recommend you pop along to No Need For Mars blog and read what Danielle gets up to and may be pick up a few tips along the way.


  1. Thank the nominator.
  2. Display the award.
  3. Nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 new questions.
  4. Answer the questions.


What do you want your readers to know about you besides pursuing zero waste/sustainable lifestyles?

Interesting question, I share a lot about myself and my family through my Mommy Emu posts with the highs, lows and any changes we make to create a better lifestyle that is sustainable. Ok so apart from being a mum, wife, blogger and freelance writer. What makes me tick? The simple things in life, for example I enjoy gardening, being creative with my sewing machine, reading books that challenge me, experiencing new things all the time, being part of the local community and spending time with  family and friends. But if you dig deeper into my sole, I am quite a solitude person, who enjoys spending time on my own, in my own company. I have many dreams that I have talked about over the years on here but I guess my biggest dream is to live in a very simple home that we have built as a family in our small Cornish village.

Do you remember and can you share your first zero waste purchase or DIY?

Yes, it was 2 years ago and I invested in a bulk order of glass jars and glass bottles to house our food, cleaners etc.. so I could start to refuse packaging and change the way we shopped. I still have those glass jars and bottles which I am still using although I have added a lot more to my collection over the years.

Do you consider yourself a minimalist or have you implemented minimalism into your lifestyle?

Ahhhh here is that minimalist word, although I don’t like the word minimalist, (find out here why) I do consider myself to have implemented the minimalism lifestyle to my own and my families lifestyle. We don’t live our lives on the rat race round about, chasing money so we can buy the latest trendy item or to keep up with friends or neighbors. Yes we both work but we only aim to earn enough to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. Our home is clutter free, giving us more space to breath, no stress and my children are free to learn naturally, experiencing the world around them and expressing them selves in their own unique way. The most important thing to us is being happy from the inside out not the outside in!

Who is your biggest blog inspiration and why?

Wow, I follow / read lots of blogs from cooking, minimalist, creative, gardening, zero waste, photography, just to name a few subjects. But to pick one is really, really difficult as they all inspire me in one way or another to live the life I want for myself and my family. One blog I do keep returning to is A Girl Called Jack because she has some fun family recipes through out her blog that don’t cost a lot to create a lovely family meal.

Do you have any advice to people who get overwhelmed by the pursuit of zero waste and trying to inspire others?

Take tiny steps, just like a child does when they are learning to walk. If you try to change everything and inspire everyone around you, you will feel overwhelmed and feel like you are failing in your request. I started by changing one thing at a time with a large gap between each change. I talk to people about our lifestyle and why we are working towards zero waste. The more conversations I have, the more people want to know and ask for advice. But remember those people you talk to are also on their own journey and have their own time scale too. Don’t set your goals to high, if you inspire someone to shop with reusable bags instead of plastic bags you have achieved a lot and should give your self a pat on the back.

What is your favorite zero waste recipe or recipe you look forward to trying?

My favorite zero waste recipe would have to be my pasta sauce, that can be adapted and used for any past meal including a use it up, throw in the pot pasta meal. you can find my recipe here.

Where is your “happy place” (literal or figurative)?

I have two happy places; The first is my family home, being surrounded by my family, our garden and all our lovely things. The second is our sailing boat, looking out at nature at its best, soaking in the silence while reading a good book or just spending time thinking.

Do you have any pets? (I just want to know–pictures please!)

Yes we have very spoiled pets that are well and truly part of our family. We have 2 guinea pigs which are a year old (Isabella and Jenifer) and a 10 week old rabbit (Fluffy).  Our guinea pigs live in our living room, with their cage open all the time (but don’t worry they never escape) and our rabbit sleeps in our living room but lives out side during the day. He has been brought up his whole life inside and we are trying to introduce him to the out side temperature.

Mommy Emu Pets

 Do you have a favorite charitable organization or ethical company?

Interesting question, I fully support Green Peace as they do a wonderful job at bring important environmental issues to the front line of everyone’s minds and they do get people listening. I also support street children because I be leave every child should have the opportunity to learn, live in a safe environment and experience love.

What lifestyle change or action item is next on your zero waste/sustainable journey?

My next action is to contact my local council and ask them why a lot of the things we can recycle, they don’t take and recycle so it ends up in land fill. As a family we have reduced our waste by 85% but we are continually working on this to be come 100% zero waste.

I Nominate:

  1. My Make Do And Mend Year 
  2. The Zero Waste Chef 
  3. Greener Family 
  4. It Was Cottage 
  5. A Year With Out Buying Plastic 
  6. Jen And Joey Go Green 
  7. The Rubbish Junkie
  8. Eco Thrifty Living 
  9. My Zero Waste 
  10. A Year Without Supermarkets 

Questions for the Nominees:

  1. If you could explain to your readers who you are in 20 words, what would they be?
  2. What inspired you to live a waste free, green / eco ,  minimalist / simple, sustainable lifestyle?
  3. How did your family react when you started living a waste free,  green / eco , minimalist / simple, sustainable lifestyle? And how did you deal with their reaction.
  4. On your journey to live waste free, green / eco , minimalist / simple, sustainable lifestyle, what has been your biggest stumbling block and how did you get around it?
  5. What is the best tip you have that will help someone who is just starting out living a sustainable lifestyle?
  6. What is the next challenge you are working towards?
  7. What inspirational book have you read in the last 6 months and why was it inspiring to you?
  8. If you could change one thing in your community what would it be?
  9. Where is your “happy place” (literal or figurative)?
  10. Whats your biggest dream you are working towards living?

Thank you Danielle for nominating me, its been fun answering all your questions. 

Thank you to all the bloggers I have nominated in taking part, we are all looking forward to reading your answers.


5 responses to “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Thanks for the nomination. We’ll try even if you are not sure to know 10+ bloggers … By the way, we may answer in french 😉

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination – I loved reading your answers and getting my pet fix on (we have a spoilt house bunny too!). I WILL answer these questions, but it might not be this side of Zero Waste Week 😉

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