Create Your Own Plantable Stationary.

Plantable Stationary

Image By CustomMade 

There has been a new product on the green shopping seen for a while now that I have been keeping an eye on. This product is a seed embedded plantable paper where  you can drink from a paper cup, send a letter etc.. and when you have finished with your paper cup plant it in your garden for the flowers seeds that embedded in your cup to grow.  So the difference between these paper products and every other paper products is these paper products have thousands of flower seeds embedded in them. Think of all the beautiful bee friendly flowers that could grow all around the place because you planted your coffee cup. How cool is that?

These seed embedded products can literately change the way we look at paper rubbish and reduce unnecessary paper waste from ending up in landfill, as they grow new flowers, herbs, vegetables in any soil you plant these paper goods in. If every company changed the way they created their paper goodies to a seed embedded version, think how much less paper waste there would be and how much more, as a society we would re-purpose our paper goods. So you can sort of see why I am so excited about these seed embedded products.

How Seed-Embedded Products Work?


Image By CustomMade 

Where Can I Get Seed Embedded Products From ?

Here are some of my favorite seed embedded products I have found while looking into this great paper products.

Embed Seed Collection

But you don’t have to buy any of these products to help save on paper waste you send out. You can make your own seed embedded cards, writing paper, bookmarks, invitations etc.. from the junk mail that lands on your door mat and a packet of seeds. Just imagine knowing when you send your next birthday card or party invitation, that instead of it ending up in the recycling bin, it will be planted in the receivers garden and will produce beautiful flowers, herbs or vegetables for them. What a perfect gift.

Here is how you can make your own


Image By CustomMade 

Have you bought or made any of your own seed embedded paper goodies?

Would seed embedded paper products be something you would consider buying in the future?


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