10 Ways We Can Make Time For Our Children

10 Ways to Make Time for Our Children

Like every parent I love my children to bits and enjoy spending time in their company. But until I made some changes to my lifestyle the time I was spending with was not 100% quality time with my children. I would be preoccupied with either my mind or I would be busy doing something else at the same time.  By making a few changes I now give all three of my children 100% of my attention when I am spending time with them.

10 Ways We Can make Time For Our Children (1)

  1. Family Days Out – Leaving the family home and doing an activity that every person in the family enjoys. Not only allows me to spend quality time with my children but also creates beautiful memories for both our children and our family.
  2. Log off & Unplug – When my children are home from school or home at the weekend, I turn the WIFI off on my phone, tablet and turn my lap top of. I unplug my self from the out side world so I can be 100% in the right mental space while I am around my children and I am not distracted by notifications, emails or just surfing around on the internet.
  3. Steal Moments –  There are moments in my day, which may just be 10 or 5 minutes were we are waiting for something, time to spare in between activities etc…  In that time I can have conversations with my children, a cuddle on the sofa and dance around the kitchen to our favorite pop song.
  4. Family Meals – In our house this is the best time of the day to catch up on everyone new, how everyone’s day has been, peoples plans etc…. Meal times have become the path of communication where we sit and listen to each other before moving on to another activity.
  5. Scheduled Family Time – As parents my diary can get pretty filled up, especially at certain times of the year. To  make sure that I not only have time for my self, I schedule in my our family days out, holidays etc… By doing this not only do I make sure I give my children attention but it also ensures that we make time to spend as a family.
  6. Ask Them What They Would Like – During conversations I ask my children what they would like to do as a family as this is the only way I will know what they would like us to do together and if they any new interests I have not picked up on during other conversations and time I spend with them.
  7. Just Saying Yes – There are times when my children want to help me, may that be cooking tea or cleaning the house. Really I want to say no because it will take me half the time if I do it on my own.Instead I turn around and yes, dinner may be latter or it may take longer to clean the house but that does not matter as I have spent time with my children, enjoying their company and while we jobs together.
  8. Bed Time – To me bed time is the special time of the day, I can read with my girls, cuddle up with them and recite nursery rhymes. This time of the day is the last thing my children remember before they drift of into sweet dreams.
  9. Date Night – Every Friday night our family have a date night of homemade pizza, homemade popcorn and movie. We may not be spending time talking but we are spending time together, enjoying each others company and enjoy being cuddled up.
  10. Car Journeys – Lets face it at some point in the week we all spend time in the car with our children, I use this time to sing with them, make up stories, play eye spy or sometimes have a quick catch up. No matter how long the car journey may be, this is a great opportunity to spend quality time with my children.

How do you make sure you spend quality time with your children?


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