Why I Choose To Start The Day As The Sun Rises

Why I choose To Start The Day As The Sun Rises

For some people their day starts rushing around in circles trying to get the children up and ready for school as well as getting them selves ready for the day. For other people its a slow start, toddler steps getting everyone in house up and ready to walk out the door while they slowly get them selves ready. Well I am the second of these example, I can not function rushing around and I can grantee that when I use to rush around in the morning I would forget something really important like, putting my knickers on or putting the children in car before driving down the drive way.

The way we start the day reflexes on how the rest of the day is going to turn out and as I don’t want stress in my day, I would prefer stress not to be the first thing that happens when I open my eyes in the morning. We have all been there the alarm goes of, we press snooze, the next thing we have fallen asleep, waking up in a panic because now we only have half and hour to get out the door let alone, dress and feed our children. This first bunt of stress then follows us through the day and the next thing we know its bed time and our mind is still stressing out about something we are afraid to forget.

I really don’t want to start the day like this, I don’t want the stress or the panic, I want to live in peace and harmony with the day. So I am the slow person, taking toddler steps, enjoying the morning and taking in everything it has to offer. I cherish my morning time like its the most precious diamond in the world or like I am on holiday every day of my life. Those lazy holiday mornings where you get up slowly, enjoy everything around you, read the paper or blog post over breakfast and the slowly get dressed. I am that kind of girl!

 How do I manage to be the slow snail morning person, while getting 5 people out the door on time with everything they need for the day ahead?

I get up at 4 am every morning, come down stairs in my pajamas, open all the curtains and windows letting in the fresh morning air and start to brew my self some coffee. I love this time of the day, the house is quiet, everyone is asleep and this time is my time of peace, tranquility, self discovery and all mine!

As I sit in my pajamas, drinking a fresh cup of filter coffee (in the garden if it’s not raining), I reflect / meditate on things that happened yesterday, I journal how I am feeling, my dreams and aspirations and enjoy the sound of silence that’s around me. I can make one cup of coffee last hours as I drift into my own world listening to the morning chorus and our neighbor Mr Woodpecker, Peking away in the trees next to our house. This tranquility and silence is so up lifting that it sets the day ahead for me on the right path, that no matter what happens next I know I am at peace with my self.

I can sit like this until at least 6 am with out even realizing the time has passed by before jumping in the shower and slowly getting my self dressed, organizing what I need to do for the day, writing lists, reading the latest blog post that has pinged up on my tablet from one of the wonderful bloggers I follow.  Still the silence is up lifting, peaceful, calming and very enlightening.

Around 7 am the children are running around the house, full of new energy for the day ahead, singing, dancing and chatting to them selves. Oblivious to the fact my morning started while they where sound asleep, dreaming sweet dreams. Then of course its the normal things of breakfast all sat around the table, chatting about all things past and future. Before school uniforms, cleaning teeth, shoes on, hair brushed and ready to walk out the door. Hubby usually surfaces around the time I am getting the children dressed and as he wonders around the house getting ready for work, we are taking about that days plans or how his work has been the night before, while I am slowly enjoying my morning Chia tea.

Around 8 am our children are ready for school and are enjoying free time for half an hour before heading out the door to school. (This usually involves some TV time, playing games on their tablet or some sort of creative work.) Hubby has already left for work, so I start clearing away the morning breakfast dishes, packing my bag for anything I need that day, checking my diary to refresh what I need to remember before I walk out the door.

By the time 8.30 am arrives we are ready to leave the house, calm, not stressed, with everything we need for the day ahead. As I drive down the drive way to take the children to school or start walking up the clay path next to our home to walk them to school, I am still at peace with my self and with the day ahead. I am ready for what ever the world has to throw at me good and not so good because I have started my day on the right path.

Starting The Morning On The Right Path

By making a few simple changes to your routine you to can start the day slowly, soaking in the the silence and meditating on all the great things you have been blessed around you.

  • Go to sleep earlier –  If you stay up late, you will find it difficult to get up in the morning because your body has not had all the rest your body needs. Our bodies need around 7 – 8 hours rest to recuperate the energy it has used from the day and time to heal from the activities of the day. This may been catching up on your favorite TV show at a later date.
  • Decide your goals for waking up early in the morning –  There is no point getting up early in the morning if  you are not going to fill the time with an activity that you are not going to enjoy. Ask your self; Are you going to use this time to read, write, listen to music, meditate, exercise etc.. What ever you decide you need to be doing these activities for you and not an activity for someone else, like checking your work emails, or writing a report etc..
  • Do not hit the snooze button – If you hit the snooze button, then your day will start off completely different than the day you planned. You will fall asleep and wake up late, having to rush around and nothing will have changed in your day. That time of peace would of passed while you where a sleep and you will have to wait until the following morning to experience the tranquility and self growth you are wanting to experience.
  • Treat your self – To a new book that you can disappear in to while the house is quite, a journal so you can record how you are felling, your desires and dreams, head phones so you can float into your favorite music with out waking the whole house or a comfy chair that you can sink into in the garden / blanket to snuggle your self up in to keep warm while you are listening to the birds singing the morning chorus. What ever it is you choose to do, treat your self with something that will make the experience of silence the best it can possibly be for you to enjoy.

Do you start the day with the rising sun? If so do you have any additional tips for waking up early or enjoying this time?

Do you dream of not rushing around in the morning and never thought it possible but are now going to put some of this tips into action?


2 responses to “Why I Choose To Start The Day As The Sun Rises

  1. I get up at 4:45am for work, and it is no where as peaceful as your morning! But you inspire me next weekend to keep up my routine, go to bed early, and then wake up in the quiet hours and enjoy the solitude of a Saturday morning 🙂

    • Wow 4.45 am for work, hope you enjoy your solitude Saterday. Please let me know what your experance of peace was like on Saterday, I am always interested in how other people feel after spending tome in the quiet.

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