Achieving Your Dreams

Achieving Goals

We all have dreams that we would love to become reality, those dreams that make our heart skip a beat and the dreams of how we would ideally like to live our lives.  Here comes the shocker, YOU can make these dreams become reality, you can achieve to live your life exactly as you dreamed of while sleeping. How do I know this? Because my family are  living out some of our dreams right now and we have lots of other dreams that my family are working towards.

Your dreams are only just a fingers tip away from becoming reality but you need to be ready and willing to make then reality. When I decided two years ago I wanted to start living my dreams instead of dreaming about living that life style, it did not happen over night but we where so determined that we would do anything to make them reality.

So what where are dreams?
  • Be able to give our children, our full attention when they are home from school – We changed the way we earn money to pay our bills by us both becoming self employed so we can work our working hours around the children. In order to do that we bought our own taxi (instead of hubby driving a taxi that the taxi company owns) and started my dream job of earning money from Mommy Emu. Hubby now only works 3 days a week and I work 3 hours a day for 5 day a week.
  • Buy and enjoy time away on a sailing boat – We live so close to the sea, it seems a shame not to be able to just pack up and sail away for a few days. So at the end of last summer we had saved enough money to buy our very own 19 ft sailing boat, that sleeps 4. We have taken the boat out a few times but due to hubbies health not be able to take it out as much as we would of liked to. Now hubby is fully fit our plans are back on track with our next sailing holiday in August.
  • To simplify our lifestyle – We decluttered our home and removed anything that we either don’t use every day or every other day giving us more space to live. you can find out more here. We started to grow our own food in our garden and filled our freezer with home grown vegetables but what we can not grow we buy from local producers so we can support the local economy. Then this year we decided not to be part of the consumer lifestyle and set our selves the challenge to buy nothing new for a whole year.
So what are our future dreams?
  • To buy land and be able to build our own home and have enough space out side to have a collection of animals as well as growing our own vegetables.
  • Travel to Tanzania with the children so we can spend time with my sister and her family, while learning about the local culture.
  • Travel to Poland with the children so we can spend time with my brother and his wife, while learning about the local culture.
  • I would like to go on a retreat, to learn more about my inner soul.

These may not be big dreams to some people or even dreams that you have but these are my families dreams and by following the guide below we have been able to make our dreams reality and further dreams we will make reality to.

How Do We Achieve Our Dreams?

PrioritiseIf you are like us, you have hundreds of different things you dream of doing. Which could be anything from travelling, buying a home, having children, the ideal job, etc…. In order to see these dreams become reality you need to priorities these dreams and life goals in order of which you would like to happen first. Unfortunately you can not work towards all your dreams at one go because you will feel over whelmed and leave you feel you that you are never going to get to your end goal and make your dreams reality. Take a piece of paper and wright out all your life goals, then priories these things into first, second, third, fourth etc…  So the first thing on your list may be buying a home or travelling the world, it really does not matter as long as its the most important life goal / dream to you, that you have on your list.

Get Specific Now you have prioritized your list of dreams you need to get specific about the the goal at the top of your list. Just saying I want to buy a house or travel the world is not enough and your dream will stay a dream. You need to think about what size house, the area you want to live in, how many bedrooms, do you want a garden or a garage etc… If you want to travel the world you need to think about where would you like to visit first, how long would you like to stay in each country, how long would you like to be travelling for. I find making a mind map at this stage is a really great way to get down to the nity gritty of the dream you are working towards.

Research So you have prioritized and got specific abut your dream, now you have to research your dream and end goal. So back to buying your own home you need to talk to people in the area you would like to live in, visit the area and see what the area is like, hit the internet and find out what house prices are for that area for a home you are looking for etc… Or if you plan on travelling, research the countries you would like to visit. What language do they speak? Where are the best places to visit? How can you travel to each country and how much is that going to cost? Where are the best places to stay? etc.. You need to find out as much information as you passably can you so you have all the knowledge to work towards your dream.

Break It Down Now you have to break all this information down into mini bit sized chunks so everything you need to do is manageable and you can succeed on making your dreams come true. These bit size tasks could be the amount of money you need to save to make your dream reality and then how you are going to that. Witch could be any thing from taking on a second job, cutting back on your spending, selling items you don’t really need and use any more. Or another task could be filling out a passport form and sending it off. These mini tasks are your journey to living your dream and the more you break them down, the more you will complete and and see your dream starting to become reality.

Take Action At this stage you need to take action and follow through after you have done all the hard work in the previous tasks. 90% of people don’t end up living their dreams because they give up at this stage. They tell them selves that its not the right time to be thinking about moving house, travelling the world ect… Or I will never save enough money, I will think about doing it next year. But the thing with this passive talking is your dreams will never become reality if you don’t take action NOW. Remember these are your your dreams, your life goal, the way you want to live your life and only you can get your self there. Go and look at your mini task list and start crossing things of on your list and start pursuing your dream right now!

Believe In Your Self Your dreams and your life goals are yours, no body else’s and this is really important because you have to fully BELIEVE  IN YOUR SELF in order for you to achieve your dreams. Being confident in your self, your ability to reach your dream and live your dream out, means believing you can do it! When you are having days when you start thinking why am I bothering (and believe me I have had many of those days), look back over why these are your dreams, why you want to move house or travel the world. How your life will change by achieving and living out your dreams? Look at your mini task list and see how far you have come, you have only been able to cross all those things out because you achieved each task. BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF!

Share Your Dreams The best way to stay motivated is by sharing with your friends and family your dreams and goals. Share how you are planning to make them reality and why this dream is important you. Friends and family are really good at keeping you on track because they pay an invested interest into your life as they want you be happy. They will ask you every now and again how is your task list going, is there anything they can do to help you achieve certain tasks and they may even know someone who has done what you are trying to achieve, who they can introduce you to and can help you from their own experience of getting to the end goal. At the end of the day the more people you tell, the more committed to living your dream you will be and not to mention the more people you will have to help you.

Clear Your ScheduleSometimes day to day life can get in the way of our journey to living out our dreams and our journey can take a back burner. Its important not to let this happen so you can stay on track to achieving the dream you want to live out. The best way is to clear your schedule from all the things that will hinder you working towards your dream, as we spend so much time and energy on things that are not important to us, rather than putting all our energy into things that are important to us. You will be amazed at how cutting out a few things in your diary or day to day schedule will help you work through your task list quicker and more effectively.

Be Flexible No matter how much planning, break down of tasks you have done or research, life can throw you a curve ball and make your journey either more difficult or hit a brick wall. But this is ok, life is not straight forward and does not always follow a clear plan. But its important when this happens that you have a plan B or C to help you over come these problems and not stop you from achieving your end goal and making you think about giving up on succeeding. Life through us a curve ball this year with my hubby’s health but that did not stop us from achieving what we wanted to achieve, we just changed the path we were on, changed our strategies and then carried on working towards our dream goal.

Remind Yourself Most importantly while you are working towards your dream, keep reminding your self why this dream is important to you and why you want to live your dream. Make mood boards either from magazine cut outs or a mood board on Pinterest. Keep looking back on your task list to see how far you have come, meditate picturing yourself living your dream and take time out to reflect how much more you will gain from life my living your dream. Staying focused and remembering why this dream is important to you, will help you stay on track and make your dream all that more reality every day.

Please find below a info graphic of each of these ways you can work towards achieving your dreams like my family are achieving our dreams all the time. You are more than welcome to print this info graphic out and pin somewhere to keep reminding your self, pin this info graphic on pinterest with your mood board or use in what ever way that will help you achieve your dreams. If you would like any help ant any time or just need some encouragement please feel free to contact me at any time here.

Achieving Dreams What dreams would you like to see become reality?

Are you living out your dreams and how did you get there?


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