10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Kitchen

10 Things You Don't Need In Your Kitchen

We are being told everyday by large companies that we need more and more gadgets in our kitchen to help us save time. But 90% of theses gadgets just take up space, don’t save time because they are either complicated to use or complicated to clean. I have a strong belief that if my great grand parents did not need them to produce tasty meals than why do I need them?

10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Kitchen, As They Won’t Save You Time And Take Up Much Needed Space 

  1. Knife Block – They take up room on your kitchen unite as they are big and bulky, you can not get replacement knives to fit them so have to go and buy a whole new set and knifes can be kept in a draw still safe from little people
  2. Espresso Machine – This is another bulky item that takes up space in your kitchen and are not the easiest things to clean. If you are like me and like to have a fresh cup of coffee in the morning you can use a cafeteria or a Chemex. They take up less room than an espresso machine and are easier to clean.
  3. Toasted Cheese Sandwich or a Toasted Panini Press –  Again these take up space in your kitchen cupboard and are the biggest pain in the bum to clean as they get older. All you need to do instead, is wrap your cheese sandwich in tin foil and place you tin foiled warped sandwich in to a hot dry frying pan and press down with a tea towel (to protect your fingers).
  4.   A Citrus Reamer – Not only do you have to have good forearm muscles to use one, they also take up space in your kitchen draw. I juice lemons daily by cramming the tines of a fork into a halved piece of citrus and twist in opposite directions. Quick, easy and less effort!
  5. An Egg Slicer – All these do is chop your fingers into pieces and make a mess of your eggs and your unit. All you needed to have is a sharp knife and cut your egg in half lengthwise first and then rest the two flat sides on your cutting board. Proceed to slice your way through the egg.
  6. A spaghetti server – This utensil is supposed to help you transfer cooked pasta to a plate. The thing is this never happens, instead the pasta slips out of the tines or twirls itself around the tool in a tentacle-like lock and you’re left to pick the pasta off the server (or, worse yet, the floor). Using  tongs instead makes the journey from pan to plate so much easier.  Oh and you can use the tongs to turn over sausages, bacon, burgers, pork chops, steak, the list goes on.
  7. Popcorn Maker – It takes much needed space in your cupboard, rarely gets used and takes ages to clean. Instead pop a teaspoon of oil in your saucepan, turn on the heat and warm up the oil,pour in your popping corn, sir the popping corn with the oil so the corn is well covered, pop the lid on and watch your corn pop. Just every now and again shack your saucepan (with out taking the lid off) to stop the corn sticking to the bottom of your pan. Once the corn has stopped popping, take off the heat and sweeten with sugar or add some salt.
  8. A Meat Clever – As lovely as this knife  looks clinging to your knife magnet, it just collects dust as I bet you don’t use it that often. Meat cleavers are used to hack through large meat bones or break down chickens which is a task you do very often unless you decide to open a butcher shop in your home.
  9. Garlic Peeler – I have never understood why a garlic peeler was invented, as it only takes seconds to remove the skin from garlic by lightly smash it with the flat side of a knife, or cut the root off and peel from there. After all we already have knives in our kitchen draws so we don’t need a garlic peeler taking up room in there also.
  10. Egg Separator – Just like the garlic peeler, I don’t understand why it was invented. Its just another thing taking up space in your kitchen draw and difficult to wash quickly. After all the egg white and yolk are very easy to separate in super clean hands and hands are easy to clean.

What kitchen gadgets have you found to be using up much wanted space in your kitchen?

Or what kitchen gadget have you come across that you made you think, why was this invented? 


10 responses to “10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Kitchen

  1. Feeling quite good about this. The only items I have bought on your list are the spaghetti server and a garlic squeezer/peeler. I have already donated the garlic press as I agree that it’s easy to crush with the side of a knife and so much easier to wash a knife than the gadget. I only have a small kitchen and it is so much easier to keep tidy with the smallest amount of stuff. Excellent advice again.

  2. I keep meaning to write a similar article to this! I do agree with you about most things, except I use my egg slicer all the time (maybe some are better than others). I would have slightly different things on my list – mainly electrical items that have broken that I have never replaced or that I didn’t want any more e.g. my hand held electric mixer and my microwave.

  3. Yes! I agree totally. It is a shame we aren’t all taught this before we set up a home. We all gather so many dust collectors in the kitchen: electric juicers, blenders, slicers, dicers, cake tins & moulds of various shapes that get used once and the list goes on. The Shopping TV stations love us for buying these unnecessary items.

    • I agree with you the TV stations do enjoy us buying these things but what they don’t tell you is how much space they take up, how much they are not going to be useful in our lives and how difficult some of them are going to be to clean.

  4. I agree with your list, only guilty myself of a lemon juicer. I tried going without when moving flat, but after a few months decided to treat myself to one. It seems I’m just too weak to use a fork or my muscles 😉 I’m very happy now that when I moved out I was on a budget and didn’t go out and just buy the whole array of stuff! We hardly have any clutter in our kitchen now (besides stuff that doesn’t belong in the kitchen in the first place!)

    • Sometimes we just can’t do with out a certain gadget and that’s fine as long as we don’t fill up our kitchens with gadgets we are never going to use.

      • Absolutely agree! I often compare my kitchen with my parents’ (which is full of gadgets!) and it makes me feel good that I have a lot more breathing space 🙂

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