Coconut And Aloe Vera Moisturizer Recipe

Coconut And Aloe Vera Moisturizer Recipe

I have always wanted to grow my own aloe vera plant since I can remember, so I can include aloe vera in my homemade beauty products. Low and behold I managed to get my self 2 aloe vera plants last week, they where marked down at my local shop to 20p each. BARGAIN, so of course I bought the last 2 they had. So Yesterday I attempted to make my own coconut oil and alo vera moisturizer and the results were fantastic. Not only did my moisturizer smell great, it felt smooth to the touch, went on my skin like a dream and made me feel very happy inside.

Coconut And Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Recipe By Little Green Dot 


  • An Aloe Vera leaf
  • 2 /3 Tablespoons of virgin raw coconut oil


  1. Place your coconut all into a kitchen blender
  2. Peal the skin from your Aloe Vera leaf using a potato peeler. Full instructions how you can do this here
  3. Place your Aloe Vera gel into your blender with your coconut oil and blend together.
  4. Transfer your moisturizer into a re usable pot ready for you to use.

I found this recipe made enough moisturizer to last around 2/3 days of use. Next time I will double or even triple the recipe so I make more in one go.

coconut This is what my Coconut and Aloe Vera moisturizer looks like 

Have you ever made anything from fresh aloe vera leafs?

If you have whats your favorite aloe vera recipe? 

I would love to read what you make from your aloe vera plant.


2 responses to “Coconut And Aloe Vera Moisturizer Recipe

  1. Emma,
    You have an amazing knack of picking exactly the right timing for me when you write particular articles. As I am scraping the last of my moisturiser out of the jar and looking for an alternative, here arrives your email into my inbox! Thank you!

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