Buy Nothing New April And May

Buy Nothing NewApril & May

Wow this year is flying passed so quickly, I cant be leave we are in June already, with the sun shining brightly and the garden in full growth. Back in January we decided as a family to try and spend the whole year buying nothing new, So far we have managed to stick to our plan and not only saved money but made some extra money on the side. You can read our full journey so far here.

So how has April and May been for us? Have we bought anything new we could of resourced on the second hand market or have we managed to stay on track? 

April was a breeze nothing went wrong and needed to fixed or  replaced and the same for May. There were jobs around the house that needed doing like our bathroom needed a fresh lick of paint, lucky I had some white paint left over from painting our furniture, unlucky it peeled straight off the walls as soon as someone had a shower. Needless to say our bathroom now looks a right state and will stay that way until I can source some free paint no one wants any more.

Each year I grow nothing but vegetables in our garden (I do like flowers but if we can’t eat it or use it to make  lovely beauty product than I don’t grow it, although I do have an exception to rule, sweet peas.) I looked on line to see if there was a seed sharing group in my area and found nothing. I considered buying the seeds I needed but then quickly thought against it. In the end I visited my local family owned, down a country lane, hidden away plant center. There I bought some runner beans, Sweet corn, Tomato, Peas, Celery, Spinach, lettuce, marrow and butter nut squash plants. Am OK with buying this? It sits well with me because they are not a high chain corporate company, they are a local family and a local family run business. By buying my plants from them, I am putting our money back into our community. After chatting to the lovely lady at the plant center about our buy nothing challenge she gave me a hand fill of brown envelopes with hand written labels on them. From all sorts of different salad leaves to sweet pea seeds. This lovely lady will never know how much joy she gave me when she gave me these seeds, as I love watching our food grow from a tiny seed to something tasty on our plate. Her generosity simply made my day and I will most defiantly be going back each month to see what other plants I can buy from her.

May sore a new chapter start in our family lives, with hubby going back to work after his open heart surgery and at the same time I fell ill with a mild form of depression so I decided to give up my cleaning jobs, I had taken on while hubby was at home recovering. By giving up those few hours has freed up my diary and has given me the chance to grab hold of my sewing machine and raid the stash of fabric I have in my studio, so I can be creative making things for the family instead of buying them. As the weather is warming up I have started to make the girls some summer dresses and turning an old shirt of my late granddad in to a blouse. My only problem is I now have a lot of projects started an non finished. (Note to self finish these before winter.)

There is only one thing I purchased in May that was brand new a luxury product. Did we need it? No not really. Will it save us money? Yes around £30 a month. Am OK with this yes, as it will save us £360 a month. What did I buy? Well we have Sky TV in our house but really there is nothing we ever wanted to watch on it. So I cancelled our contract with Sky and bought a Amazon Fire Stick. (We already have a Amazon Prime account, which we renew each year) and with prime you get free movies. So for £24 (and that’s it no monthly fee) we can watch all the prime movies and Netfilx movies for our family movie night or when ever I fancy having an evening in front of the box and not with my head in a book.

Its been a pretty boring 2 months really but we are still on track and let’s hope the next coming months we will stay on track too.

How is your buy nothing new for a year challenge going?

Are there anything you have found difficult?

Have you found some great bargains on the second hand market? 


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