The Water Challenge

The Water Challenge

Last year we started a challenge to reduce our water wastage but never really sore the challenge through and we just played at reducing the water we use and wasted. So I think its time we took this challenge by the horns and reduce our water consumption. After all turning on a tap and water flowing easily into our sink is a luxury that we can not a ford to take for grated.

I have to ask my self what would we do if water was not readily available? or we had to walk 4 days just to be able to get a jug of water like some families in other countries?

Through out this challenge we are going to be looking at

  • Shower water wastage
  • Kitchen water wastage
  • Toilet water wastage
  • Laundry water wastage
  • Drinks water wastage
  • Gardening water wastage
  • Washing cars water wastage

And any more things we find as we travel along this journey.

Do you know what areas of your life you waste water?

Could you take up the water challenge?


One response to “The Water Challenge

  1. I’ve gotten into the habit of pouring water I am not to drink or use in any other way straight into the pot of plants. At least they can use it, even if its not perfectly clean (as long as no harsh chemicals are present, of course).

    Also, getting a skip or waste collection service for some old items around the house makes a lot of sense. I had a small pile of cardboard from stuff purchased some time ago, and was just about time to get rid of the package leftovers. Those should be recycled and its the same thing with water – reusing it every chance we get.

    On that note, I remember my grandmother using even the drops of water in the kitchen (the tap was rather warn out) and she had placed a vessel to collect all the drops throughout the day so she can then use that water for something else around the house. Infinity clever and not cumbersome to do, actually.

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