Sailing Away With Solar Power

Sailing Away

We are packing up and going to be living on our boat for a week in August and although all we need are the basics like food and clothes there are a few luxuries that we need to bring along to. So I have been on the hunt for all things solar to make our time away function all that more easier.


Although all day we will be enjoying the sunshine (hopefully no rain) in the evenings need a light so we can make hot chocolate and tuck our selves up in bed. There are a few solar lights on the market but I have chosen this one as it will be bright enough to light the whole cabin.


Living on a boat and being at one with nature is enough entertainment, its important that we listen to the shipping and weather forecast. So a portable solar power radio is an important item we need to add to our boat. The radio I have chosen not only charges by the sun light but also comes with head phones so we are not interrupting other people that are moored up near us.


Mobile Phones / Tablets 

Whether we like it or not mobile phones and tablets are part of our families day of life. But living on a sailing boat with no electricity these things can become when batteries start to get low. So I have been looking into an alternative way we can charge these devises through the power of the Cornish sun. I have come across all sorts of different devices and I have not quite made up my mind which one to go for but these are my favorite.

All these solar powered items would be just as useful if you are planning a camping trip this year as well as living on a sailing boat. 

If you are going camping or sailing this year what items would you need to take that needed to be charged?

Do you have any solar powered devices you take away on holiday with you that you can recommend to us?


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