Home Growers Herb Cheat Sheet

Home Growers Herb Cheat Sheet

There is nothing like growing your own herbs in pots in your windowsill or in pots by your back door. The aroma is delightful, one herb plant can feed you (if care for it right) for years and food tastes so much better when fresh herbs are added instead of dried ones. Also lets not forget the satisfaction we get from growing our own food even if we just grow herbs and nothing else. They are easy to grow and maintain, they don’t need a lot of space, just plenty of sun light and water, which means they can be grown the most smallest of places.

This fantastic info graphic by Good To Be Home has some great tips to help us grow our herbs to their full potential and help us create sustainable plants that will feed our family for a good few years.


Do you grow your own herbs?

Do you have any herb growing tips you can share with us?

What are your favorite fresh herbs you add to your food? 


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