Creating A Simple Lifestyle Is Finally Here

Creating A Simple Lifestyle WorkbookIs

A few months ago I asked you all for some help to decided what my first workbook subject should be and you were all brilliant and decided it should be based on simple living. I then a few weeks later showed you the front cover and I started to write / design a simple living workbook. I also said the workbook would be finished by the middle of February (which it was) but then I half heartedly in the background advertised my new workbook because I was not overly happy about it, I don’t know what it was but just was not 100% happy. So I sat on Creating A Simple Life Workbook for a few months and every now and again I would go back and I would go back and have a look at it, rejig bits and redesign.. I am pleased to say I am now 100% happy with my new workbook. In fact I am that happy I want to show it off, scream and shout about it from the rooftop and excited to have my name printed on it.

So what is this workbook all about? Well to simply put it, its a book that will help you start your journey to live a simple lifestyle and live out all the dreams you never thought would come true. Everything in this workbook I have done when I first started my family on our simplistic lifestyle, I have learnt we need to deal with and I go back to and revisit when I start to question why am I doing all this. (Negative thoughts are the worst thing to stop you from enjoying your life.)

Before we started on this journey our family lives were full of stress, worry, living day today and dreams where just dreams you have when you go to sleep at night. Both hubby and I were working every hour of the day, our children never really had our full attention and we were just playing at being a family. To the point where if hubby needed a heart operation back then our whole life would have crumbled around us and we probably would not have picked ourselves back up because of the stress, our little family would have deflected into a pool of stress, separation and a complete sticky mess.

Mommy Emu Family

But since we started this journey hubby and I now work the minimum hours we need to so we can provided for our family, we are at every school event, our relationships with each other are the strongest they could possibly be, we spend every evening / weekends as a family exploring the world around us and enjoying each others company. We reduced our debt by 90% (by not being consumers like the big companies what us to be resulting in more money in the pot to pay off our debt) resulting in hubby and I not having to work as hard, burning the candle at both ends and never seeing each other. Our dreams that we thought would never come true have come true and we are living them now every day and other dreams / goals we are working towards are just a fingertip away. As for hubby having to take 6 months (unpaid because he is self employed) off work to recover from his heart operation has been a walk in the park. We have survived financially by still putting food on the table, a roof over our childrens head and having family days out. We talk about issues that we may face but we never worried about tomorrow and we just lived to enjoy today.

In a nutshell my little family are closer now than we ever have been, we have no stress and we are living a life of freedom. If you would like to live your life of freedom from worry, stress, schedules, money etc.. than this workbook is a good starting point for you to work from so you to can enjoy the life you have always dreamed off but thought was not possible. For the small fee of £10.00 you can take the first step off the roundabout of life and be free.

To order Creating A Simple Life Workbook or find out more about its contents click here.

Buy Your Copy Now

Do you want to simplify your lifestyle and enjoy living life again?

Do you have bigger dreams for your family but don’t know how to get there?


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