Happy World Earth Day


Happy World Earth Day Every Body 

This years World Earth Day theme is “PLEDGE TO PLANT” asking everybody to be a part of the biggest grass-root effort in history by planting a seed/tree as a “give back” to Earth.

Billions of people all over the world including myself will be planting a tree today, I am planting a fruit tree in my back garden so not only will we be giving back to earth but we can sustainable enjoy its fruits at the same time.

The whole idea behind this years theme of pledge to plant and giving back to earth is based around an native american tradition where you give back whatever you have taken. And lets face it every day we take and take from the earth resources but very rarely give anything back. All this taking can not last for ever and soon there will be no resources left to take from the earth. So it makes sense to do our bit, by saying thank you and giving a little bit back.

The Ghost Of Earth Day Present  

Amazing International Earth Day is celebrating its 45th Anniversary this year and what a way to celebrate with us all planting trees in our gardens, community and schools. You can make your TODAY its not too late and then plant your tree any day within the next few months.  Lets all give a little back to the our precious earth so generations to come can enjoy our planet as much as we do every day.

Are you planting a tree for earth day?

If you are planning on giving back to the earth what tree are you going to plant?


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