Street Children Need Our Voice


Image From Children And Youth 

When I look at my children I see how lucky they are that they have a roof over their head, nice clothes on their back and food in their belly. But as well as all this because of what I can offer them I know they have a bright future ahead of them. This is not true of all children as there are billions of children across the world who live on the streets due to circumstances out of their control and have to beg for food and clothes. Not to mention they feel their future is going to be just as much as a struggle as their life is  today.

These children need us to stand up and give them a voice to help change where circumstances have left them and give them a bright future to look forward to. After all is it not a child’s right to be able to live a life full of play, learning,security, love, food, clothing and safe place to sleep. To day is the international day of street children and although it feels like there is not a lot we can do to help these children, we can by speaking up on their behave, showing compassion and kindness.

Global Change

You can support these children by signing up to the street children’s add your voice petition here or you can donate money to help give these children a better life here and you can spread the word out across social media (twitter #TweetForTheStreet, facebook) so everybody is educated about how these children are suffering and how we can help them.

Who is going to stand up with me and help give these children a voice so they can have a brighter future?


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