Top Tips On How You Can Reduce Your Power Consumption

Top tips on how you can reduce your power consumption

All our house leak power on a daily basis but not only are we wasting money we are also wasting the earths resources.  I have compiled some useful ways we can reduce our power leakage today saving us all money and reducing our usage o the earths resources.

You can also try 

be energy wise

Other ways you can also save on your energy consumption;

  • Kettle – Don’t boil a full kettle every time, only boil the amount you need.
  • Oven – Try not to open the oven door while cooking if possible. Heat lost by opening the door causes the oven to use more energy.
  • Fridges & Freezers – Defrost these appliances regularly, this helps them to run more efficiently. Bear in mind that some fridges and freezers self defrost.
  • Shower/Bath – Use the shower rather than the bath whenever possible – it uses considerably less energy. Also, as showers and baths account for most of a household’s hot-water use, cutting showers from 20 minutes to 10 minutes could slash water-heating costs by 25%.

I love infographics and Wicks has summed up everything in this handy infographic

energy tips

How have you reduced your energy leakage in your home?  

Please feel free to share your tips to reduce our energy leakage.


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