Interview With Make Do And Mend

Interview With Make Do And Mend (3)

This morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Jen from Make Do And Mend about a fantastic community that has been running on twitter for the last year called Make Do And Mend Hour.

  1. Jen could you just explain to us all what Make Do And Mend means?
  • Make Do and Mend is a phrase that became popular during WW2, when the government launched a campaign of information,to enable people to cope with rationing of both food and clothes.
    I like to see it as three parts:
    Make-making things instead of buying them, so things like clothes, and home furnishings etc, as well as making food from scratch;
    Make Do-I see this as either Making Do with something you already have, or changing it (upcycling/repurposing) into something else, or something better looking!
    Mend-fixing things that are broken, and giving them a whole new lease of life.
    For me, it encompasses every aspect of life, and of sustainable living, from Buying Nothing New, all the way through to Zero Waste!
  1. How did you get involved in living a make do and men lifestyle?
  • My family and I spend a year Buying Nothing New in 2012/13, and I started a blog to document our journey, called My Make Do and Mend Year. It started out as a bit of fun, as a personal challenge to see if we could do it, but along the way I learned so much about how Making Do and Mending can have a real impact on how sustainable our lifestyle is, and I wouldn’t go back!

#makedoandmendhour collage

Collage Of All The Lovely Things People Are Making Do And Mending via Make Do And Mend Hour

  1. On twitter you run a make do and mend hour what happens during that hour? 
  • #makedoandmendhour started last April (has it really been nearly a year already!) and is a live Twitter chat every Thursday evening from 8-9pm GMT. It’s basically just a way of allowing everyone who likes to Make Do and Mend to come together, and share what they have been up to, ask for help or advice, and generally inspire each other! People share pictures, or questions etc with the hashtag #makedoandmendhour (I know, longest hashtag in the world, ever) and I share them and RT like fury!
  1. How can people get involved in make do and mend hour?
  • Turn up and join in! We are there every Thursday from 8-9pm. You can either tweet me (@makeandmendyear) or use the hashtag #makedoandmendhour, so that we can find your tweets, and come and join us! You don’t have to have made anything, or mended anything, lots of people just come and say hi, and then ‘lurk’ following the hashtag and getting inspired!

My handmade skirt and top!

Jen Modeling Her New Handmade Skirt She Made As Part Of Jen’s Challenge To  Make A Whole Wardrobe Of Handmade Clothes

  1. What top tips can you share with us to start make do and mending?
  • I would encourage everyone to have a go at Buying Nothing New. Emma and her family are doing a  fabulous job, so there’s loads of ideas right here on Mommy Emu. We did a whole year, but I think that even doing a week, or a month, is enough to stop and make you think before buying stuff. So much of what we buy is on impulse, without even really giving it much thought. Having a break for a while can really help to stop the habit.
    I also think that everyone should learn to sew! It really is a life changing skill. I had no idea at all how to even thread a machine until a few years ago, and now I have challenged myself to make a whole wardrobe of handmade clothes!

Thank You Jen and we all look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening for #makedoandmendhour.

Have you entered the world of make do and mend or has Jen inspired you to start make do and mending?


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