Top Tips To Owning A Minimalist Wardrobe

Top Tips To Owning A Minimalist Wardrobe

Spring is well and truly here, summer is running quickly up from behind and its this time of the year we start looking around the shops for items to add to our summer wardrobe or pieces to enhance the clothes we already own. But do we really need to go shopping at all, do we not already have the perfect clothes for summer crammed into our wardrobe or draws?

A few months back I decided to take part in the 333 challenge to reduce my wardrobe down to just 30 items including bags, shoes and accessories. At first I thought this was going to be hard difficult task and I would never be able to survive with just 30 items. But I did and loved, not having a crowded wardrobe or draws so I could easily see what I had to choose from to wear.  But also it made me more inventive with what I did wear, creating mixes and designs I had never thought of doing before.

Although the challenge is over, I have not looked back and I still only own 30 items by following my top tips to owning a minimalist wardrobe.

Minalist Wardrobe

  1. Only Own What You Wear – Are you wearing everything you own on a regular basis? If not, why are you hanging onto it? It’s just taking up space in your wardrobe and cluttering your life.
  2. Mix and Match – Never buy something that can only be worn with one item you own. If possible, only buy items that can be worn with just about every other item in your wardrobe.
  3. Know Your Colors – Wearing your colors instantly makes you look more youthful and energetic.
  4. Accessorize – A few accessories can make a big difference and can spruce up a small wardrobe in amazing ways.

As I am getting ready to re look at my wardrobe for the summer I will have these four things in my mind and if I do need to add a t-shirt because my other one is too ropy to wear (I will recycle it into something else), I will still have these tips in my mind while I hunt through the charity shops to replace that t-shirt.

We are told over and over again that we should follow the latest fashion, more is better because the clothes will make us feel happier and we will have more friends if we are up to date on the latest trends. But we need to ask ourselves; Is more better for our purse or wardrobe? Does owning the latest trend really make us happy or allow us to have more friends? Or does all your excessive clothes just make you unhappy, full of stress and give you more work try to maintain the latest fashion?

Over to you, do you have any great tips to keeping a minimalist wardrobe that you can share with us all? Or do you struggle to keep your clothes buying or your wardrobe under control?


4 responses to “Top Tips To Owning A Minimalist Wardrobe

  1. The ‘slow fashion’ message sunk in with me when I did #MinsGame last November. I do still search charity shops for bargains in my size and colours. Last week I found a beautiful patterned tunic that turned out to be a FairTrade and organic cotton brand, which makes me very happy.

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