Buy Nothing New February & March 2015

Buy Nothing New February&March

Wow how the last few months have flown by since I last updated our journey of spending a whole year buying nothing new. During the past 2 months a lot has happened, hubby has had his operation and family life has adapted to his recovery. But we have managed to stick to our challenge and not bought anything new.

How have we done;

  • Tumble Dryer – The tumble dryer stopped working the day before hubby went into hospital (not great timing) and although that would not normally bother me it did this time as I knew I was not going to be home a lot to hang washing out, pick it in or even sort hanging clothes around the house. Instead of running out the door to buy a new one I organised my 2 hours in a morning before rushing off to the hospital  and paid a visit to the local launderette. I was really surprised how cheap the launderette was, it only cost me £2.50 to dry 2 loads of washing. But I new this was only a temporary fix and I needed to do something with my machine. So I phoned our local electrical shop and asked them to come out and see if they could fix the tumble dryer. 2 days later they arrived and after 20 minutes of them looking at it, my machine was fixed for the small cost of £60.00. Bargin as a new machine would of cost us easily £200+.
  • Hover – Then a few weeks later the hover stopped working, fantastic I thought to myself as I do like to live in a clean tidy house. So I phoned the electrical shop again, they told me to pop my hover (which is a Dyson may I add) into the shop and they would have a look at it for me. 4 days latter I received a phone call to say hover is all fixed and ready to be picked up, with a lovely bill of £15. Fantastic news as a new hover would of easily cost over £100 to get one the same as ours.
  • Mobile – My son in his wisdom dropped his iphone and broke the glass screen to it. If any of you have an iphone and have broken the screens you will know they are not nice to carry on using as they are made of glass. After researching a new we screen we managed to find one for £20 and my son fitted it himself. (May I also state, this is not the first time he has broken his screen and since mending it this time, he has broken it again because it falls out his pocket while BMXing. I have lost count of the times I have said, “Well take it out your pocket and put it in your bag while you are BMXing”.)
  • Car – Or should I say cars; The taxi we own (my hubbies job) needed a new clutch so while he is off work we sourced the parts and asked a mechanic friend to fit it. The parts cost £400 (at cost price not RRP) and our friend charged us £150, so in total we spent £550 to get the taxi fixed. Which is a saving of over £400 as the garage down the road wanted to charge us £950 to do the job. Then 2 weeks ago my car decided it would not start on the morning school run, after some fiddling my my son we found out what the problem was and we managed to source a FREE yes I did say FREE sensor that is normally £30. Win win win, I am jumping up and down with happiness.

What Else Have We Been Up to -

  • Earning Extra Money – As well saving money I have been busy earning extra money for the family pot while hubby is off work. As well as working for Mommy Emu, I have still been doing the cleaning job I started in January 2 days a week which has brought in an extra £528 over these last 2 months. I know its not a lot extra but it still is something to keep us going while only one of us is working.
  • Reduced our travel costs – We already reduced our petrol consumption in January by not running our son around to all his BMX events but it was not really enough. So I took it upon myself to park the family car up on days when the weather is on our side and started walking the children to school as much as I could and started to bulk buy our shopping (which I will talk about in a minute) so I did not have to go to shops as much. Reducing our petrol bill by £10 a week.
  • Bulk Buy Shopping – I like Amazon for somethings and other things like their over packaging I am not keen on. But they are really useful if you want to bulk buy when there is no where near you that does this. As a prime customer we can order food / household items in bulk on line and then request how often they send this out to you. So for example I bulked bought toilet roll (300 rolls) but I dont need 300 rolls every month so in my order I requested they only sent me toilet rolls every 6 months. Or another example is I ordered a bulk of rice (as we eat a lot of rice) and the amount of rice I could order would last us at least 2 months so I requested they sent it to me every 2 months. At any time you can go in and amend your order, for example  if I don’t need any more rice I can change when when they send me the next delivery so you don’t end up living under a sea of rice. Also because we are prime customers they send out  my order the following day with free postage. I have not worked out yet how much I save by doing my basic shopping this way but what I do know is with everything we get from Amazon prime yearly  membership pays for itself in the first 3 months.
  • Mothers Day– I could not rush out to shop and buy my Mum a gift so I took an old duvet cover and made her a pair of pajamas, which she was delighted with and said they would be ideal for her upcoming holiday.
  • Hubby’s Birthday – The children gave him vouchers of jobs they would do for him made from an old cereal box. (these were things like getting his slippers for him, making a drink etc..) I cooked him his favorite meal and gave him a voucher for a family day out at our local Maritime Museum.

So in summary not only have we managed NOT to buy anything new for the last 2 months, we have fixed items in our house using local tradesmen instead of buying brand new, have been resourceful when it came to special days and saved some pennies which is always good.

Roll on April and May.

Have you managed to buy nothing new through February and March ?

What resources have had to use to help you buy nothing new ?


4 responses to “Buy Nothing New February & March 2015

  1. I’m really impressed with your efforts to repair – and to see it still makes financial (as well as sustainable) sense to repair things. Our gas cooker ‘died’ a couple of years ago and the repairman tried to convince me it made better financial sense to get a new one rather than repair. Turned out it wasn’t and the repair to the oven means we’ve had two more years’ usage from it.

    • That’s fantastic well done you for perceivering. I think sometimes people do think it is cheaper to buy a new replacement but 9 times out 10 it’s actually cheaper to get it repaired.

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