The 100 Days Project

100 day challange

Last night I was introduced to the 100 days project by Jen at Make Do And Mend Year and was asked if I would like to take part. As you know I am always up for a challenge and I thought this would be an interesting challenge to take part in. But instead of saying yes straight away I needed to sleep on it, as I was unsure what I could do the same everyday for a 100 days. As normal all the best things come to me in the middle of the night and I woke up around 2am this morning with the perfect idea, I am going to take a photo everyday for a 100 days of one thing I am grateful for that day.

What is 100 Days Project All About

in 2014 Michael Bierut (talented designer and writer) set a class of graphic design students as part of his workshop a challenge to chose one action and repeat that action every day for 100 days. Each student went away and came up with what they could do and recorded their choice of action everyday throughout the challenge. The students embraced this challenge and their everyday actions ranged from designing a poster in under a minute to another student performing a dance routine in public every day for 100 days.

Elle Luna (a artist, designer and writer) and a group of friends joined Michael and launched the 100 days project on social media and encouraged people to join them in the challenge at make the same thing every day for 100 days. This project grow bigger than they first expected with people joining in all over the world through the social media platform Instagram #The100DayProject.

Who can join

Anyone upon anyone can join in this project , from people who are excited to kick start their creativity,  curious about learning something new or want to express themselves as part of a community. To take part in this challenge is easy all you need to do is choose any one action you would like to do each day, making sure that you can easily do this action everyday for 100 days. (As a 100 days is a long time and if you think you might find it hard to write a poem every day for a 100 days don’t choose that action) Your one action can be anything from learning a new recipe every day, singing a song, sewing a different item each day, going for a 2 mile walk or crocheting a square every day.  Once you have chosen your activity, you need to sign up to the 100 day project here before Monday 6th April 2015 and then on Monday at any time of the day post on Instagram your days action and every day after that for 100 days .(14th July 2015)


As I said at the very beginning of this post I mentioned my one action I have chosen is to take a photo everyday for 100 days of one thing I am grateful for. For me this action is really important as it is easy to take for granted everything that is around us and fills our lives with happiness when we are engrossed in our day to day lives. Each day you will be able to see my photo on Instagram under the hashtag #100DaysofGratitude.

Who fancys joining me on this 100 day creative challenge?

Please could you let me know your instagram name / hashtag of your challenge as I would love to follow you during your 100 day challenge and see all the wonderful things you create each day so we can support each other. 


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