Poor Man’s Pear Pie

Poor Man's Pear Pie (1)

At the end of each month I try and use up everything that is left over in our fridge, freezer and store cupboard. This sunday I decided to make a roast with some chicken pieces I found in the freezer and vegetables that were coming up to their due date in the fridge but I also wanted to make a pudding to go with our roast.  After looking around my kitchen and scratching my head I found some pears that looked worse for wear at the bottom of the fruit bowl so I decided to make a poor man’s version of apple pie but instead of using apples I would use up our pears.

Poor Man's Pear Pie

1 1/2 LB Pears
Corn Flakes
Brown Sugar

Method (This served 5 of us and we had some leftover)

  • Peel, core, and thinly slice the pears and put a layer of fruit across the bottom of a medium – sized oven proof dish.
  • Add a layer of cornflakes, then sprinkle 1 desert spoon of brown sugar and dot with a few small pieces of butter.
  • Add another layer of pears followed by the same amount sugar and butter.
  • Carry on building up the layers until you have run out of fruit.
  • Bake at Gas Mark 4 or 190oc for around 20 minutes until the pears are soft and caramelised.
  • Serve with some homemade custard

This pear pie went down a treat and I have enough left over to have a bowl with my lunch in the week.

Poor Man's Pear Pie Recipe

Do you have a favourite pudding you have adapted to the ingredients you have in the house?


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