Why I Choose To Live A simple Lifestyle

Why I Choose To Live A simple Lifestyle

I am an ordinary person who lives in an ordinary brick house on a housing estate of 3 houses in a small clay village in Cornwall UK. I am a mother like most women my age and I am married to the love of my life, so nothing strange there either. I enjoy the nice things in life and have ambitious dreams for my life like billions of other people. The only thing that sets me apart from the crowd is I enjoy living a simple lifestyle and not being part of the every day to day commercial, working round about.

Why, because I have always wanted to be different? No not at all and I don’t even think of myself as being different but I have lived the life of following the latest trends, working more hours that are in a day and keeping up with the Jones but that life just made me unhappy and discontent.

content simplicity

Doesn’t everybody want to be content in their lives? I know I wanted to and they only way to do that was to simplify my life down to the bare minimum (I don’t just mean clutter), sit back and enjoy life to the full. In order to do that I need to look at the core person who makes me the person I am and thats a person who enjoys long mornings drinking coffee while catching up on the news or reading a book, being creative making things to wear, for our home and gifts for loved ones and long strolls across the beach breathing in the sea air no matter what time of year it is.

Even though I have a busy family busty around me I am still able to be that person just instead I have a long morning drinking coffee and catching up on the news after I have dropped the children off at school / college but I am still able to do it. I am able to make sure an afternoon is completely empty in my diary so I can go for the long walk across the beach soaking in the sea air. I have time to potter around in our garden, growing our own vegetables or enjoy eating lunch soaking up all that we have created in our garden with the sun shining down on my face.  Which is why I choose to live a simple lifestyle and I now live a life of complete contentment and gratitude.

Why I Choose To Live A simple Lifestyle

Having an organised lifestyle – I have always been organised it’s just been in my nature but having an organized lifestyle means there is no clutter, I know exactly what food we have in the house / meals we are going to eat, my diary is full of all the information I need so everyone is at the right place at the right time for work, clubs, parties etc.. Being organised to me means less time trying to figure stuff out and more time to enjoy who we live with and where we live.

Being unplugged – I don’t mean being unplugged from the world and being solutory (I would not feel contentment with that), what I do mean is unplugging my self from technology as much as I can. Don’t get me wrong technology is a great thing and its moving / changing at a great pace and I too have a smart phone, tablet, laptop but we don’t need to be attached to them 24 / 7. There are times in our day where we can just turn it all off and unplug ourselves from social media, emails, tv etc… and enjoy what is around us, develop and learn through reading, play board games, doing a jigsaw with the children, going for a walk or even treating yourself to a cheeky bit of cake from your favourite cafe. I enjoy being unplugged from technology and spending time away from that pixel buzz.

Working hard for the good things in life and being grateful for them –  It takes a lot of effort planning how our garden is going to produce all the lovely vegetables we would like to eat and then putting it all into practice but on the other hand I enjoy doing it, it does not feel like a chore and I am grateful we live in a house with a reasonable size garden to grow our vegetables in. We may not jet set across the world for fabulous holidays in the Canary Islands but saving up for a camping holiday and organising all the logistics of it, is hard work but these holidays allow us to spend massive of time with each other, exploring new things and being grateful from what learn wenting meeting new people on our holidays. Just because I choose to live a simple lifestyle does not mean that I don’t work hard, I just work hard for the betterings in our lives which I am extremely grateful for.

Just standing still – The best bit I find about living a simple lifestyle is being able to stand still and soak in the environment around me. It was not until I stood still for the first time just over a year ago I actually noticed how beautiful everything is around me and how lucky I am to live in such astounding surroundings. One of the most enjoyable things I can do in a day (apart from spending time with hubby and the kids) is just standing still soaking up all the sights, smells and tastes that are around me.

There are thousands of different reason why people choose to live a simple life and these are just a few example why I choose too as simple living means different things to different people. 

What does simple living mean to you and your family? What example would you give to why you choose to live a simple lifestyle?


7 responses to “Why I Choose To Live A simple Lifestyle

  1. It’s only since becoming ill with MS, leaving my dream job and changing my pace of life, that I’ve discovered this. I have decluttered (#Minsgame) and taken several steps towards organising my time (Bullet Journal) and our family routines (one of my teens has Aspergers so having a big overview of the week’s school runs and meals stuck to the fridge makes a big difference to him). We always holiday in the UK. I like to make do and mend but this is at odds with my husband and teens. We have begun switching our broadband off for Sunday mornings and often in the evenings too. I would love to live ‘the simple life’ but they certainly wouldn’t.
    The one area that I know you feel strongly about is my tendency to volunteer and get involved with all sorts of things. Occasionally I feel quite overwhelmed and it doesn’t help my fatigue and consequently my mood by the evenings. By the time that I recognised why however, I was in too deep to step back from anything. And I hate to see some of the lovely old ladies in our village trying to do too much because they feel that nobody else will.

  2. Same a you, broadly speaking. Wish I could go for a regular walk along the beach, though – too far in land for that but in April we will be in your part of the world and I might just be able to do that 🙂

    • Thank you, It’s always hard to jungle everything if you don’t have a set plan how you want your simple lifestyle to look like. But once you know what you can live with out and how you can slow down, the rest of simplicity will just happen.

  3. You sound like a kindred spirit! I am married to a man who is intent on saving the world by reducing landfill waste (he’s a Chartered Waste Manager), and we have two young children. Since giving up paid work to be at home with them I have taken the time to look around and fully appreciate our home town, which previously was just somewhere to eat and sleep in between commutes to work. I am far happier now, when I can stroll along the canal path on my way home from the school run every day…

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