How Can Eco 2 Life Change The Way You Clean Your Home?

How Can Eco 2 Life  Change The Way You

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to review Eco 2 Lifes household cleaning products, I said yes but then my hubby was taken into hospital so that delayed me looking at the lovely box of goodies they sent me. When I opened up their lovely box last week it was like opening up a Birthday / Christmas present because I had no idea what goodies where in there. Please note I have received no financial gain from reviewing ECo 2 Lifes cleaning products only a box of goodies.

Who are My Eco 2 Life

My Eco 2 Life are an environmentally, earth friendly company who produce cleaning products that not only clean your home and leave your home smelling nice but also have a very low, if zero impact on the environment. They do this by using Micelle Technology which is a soap like particle that are so small, it disrupts the bonds of material to not only clean, but disintegrate dirt and oil! This type of soap is made from vegetable based ingredients resulting in being  non-hazardous, non-fuming, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-explosive, non-hazardous. While highly effective, they are exceptionally gentle, safe and readily biodegradable. Their packaging is also kind to the environment as each product comes in a small plastic bottle (which is recyclable), that is highly concentrated and just needs to be added to a spray bottle and topped up with water.

What Do I think About  Eco 2 Life

Eco 2 Life kindly sent me 4 different products to test which I am going to mark out of 10;

First of all, all these products were easy to mix as Eco 2 Life sent me not only their cleaning product but also provided spray bottles for each one and some microfiber clothes as well.

  • Multi Surface – I used the multi surface spray around my kitchen and on our dining room table and the first thing you notice is is the nice fresh scent that this product has. I have nothing negative to say about this product except I seem to use a lot of it with the bottle being half empty after 2 days. I don’t know if this was because I was using too much when I was cleaning all the surfaces or whether it is because this product is very watery.  Any way this multi surface cleaned everything I needed it to and left my kitchen smelling fresh.  So for me this multi surface cleaner gets 8/10.
  • Floor cleaner – I have laminated floors throughout the downstairs of my house so there is plenty of floor coverage to test it on. On the first day I found this product left floors coved in a smear like film after they had dried so on the second day I tried again spraying sparling but no change my floors were just left with this horrible smear film and where not my shiny floors I am used to. I never used the product again and went back to washing my floor using good old hot steam, vinegar and lemon juice. For me this floor cleaner gets 0/10.
  • Bath & Shower cleaner – The first thing I must say is this cleaner has the same scent as the multi purpose cleaner so I am not really sure what the difference in the two products are. But this bathroom cleaner did exactly what it said on the bottle, it cleaned the whole of my bathroom with ease, my tap where left shinny and filled the bathroom with a nice scent. The only thing is I used over half a bottle on on use cleaning a reasonable size bathroom which left me thinking again this could be expensive way to clean my bathroom if one spray bottle does not last more than 1 an 1/2 cleaning. So for me this bath and shower cleaner gets 7/10.
  • Glass cleaner – Our house is full of inertia windows and I am for ever going around and removing sticky fingers from them. Normally this job is a chore and takes a lot of hard work but the Eco 2 Life glass cleaner cut through the smear, grease fingerprints with ease and I have to put in very little effort to bring up the shine of our windows. I was very very impressed with this product and if I was to ever buy any cleaning products, this glass cleaner would be the one. I give this glass cleaner 10/10.

Day to day in our house I don’t use any shop bought cleaners (I make my own) to help me clean our home and apart from the glass cleaner I don’t think I would buy any of these products for my day to day use. But I may be tempted to buy the multi surface cleaner for when we go on holiday camping because I see its potential at keeping our caravan or boat clean during our stay. I do admire the fact that Eco 2 Life have come up with a fantastic way people can buy and use their product while cutting down on the amount of plastic bottles that need to be recycled.

Have you ever come across Eco 2 Life products?

If you have, have you ever used any of their products and what did you think?


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