Why I Ask My Children To Help Out Around The House

-POP From an early age I have encouraged my children to help out around the family home, after all they live here to and our house would not be a home without them.  Although probably half the jobs I ask them to do would get done quicker if I did it myself but then my life would be more stressful (as I would not have any help) and they would not be learning important life skills that they will need when they fly the nest. I strongly believe giving my children a few jobs around the house from the age of 4 years is installing;

  1.  They learn important skills they will use throughout their lives  Home is the perfect safe place to learn new skills that will carry them through into adulthood when they have a place of their own. After all if they don’t learn these skills at home when they do move out into their own place, I wont be there 24/7 to help them keep their home clean and tidy.
  2. They learn to be responsible – For their own things and everybody else’s things as well as the mess they make and are much more likely to look after items properly and take responsibility for their actions.
  3. They learn the value of work – If I do everything for my children and Mother them then they are not going to learn any value from laying around the sofa. But giving them 3 or 4 jobs to do a week to earn some pocket money they are learning from an early age that things don’t just get handed out you have to work hard for them.
  4. They appreciate more –  My children will grow up to appreciate all that I do more, appreciate they own things and how much work goes into keeping our family home clean and tidy.

what sort Each of my children have a list of jobs they have to do around the house to earn some pocket money which they can then save up for a new toy they would like or spending money to take on holiday with them. Paul (as he is 17 years) has more jobs on his list than Eleanor and Jemima (who are 6 & 5 years) but that does not mean they are not all learning the same lessons at the same time. The same goes for the amount of pocket money Paul earns compared to the girls. On average Paul earns £10 a week pocket money (sometimes more) where the girls earn on average £2.50 but even though there is a difference in what they are earning, they are all learning the value of money. jobs

Do your children do jobs around the family home? What weekly jobs do your children do to help out?


2 responses to “Why I Ask My Children To Help Out Around The House

  1. I do not disagree with children doing jobs around the house, mine did when they were children but I feel they should be done for love, a kiss and a hug after they finish and always a thank you.

    • It’s good to get another perspective, although I must say I always say thank you and what great work you have done when they complete a job.

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