Virtual Book Club – Clothing Poverty


Yesterday I was asked by Zoë Morrison aka eco thrifty living if I would like to join a virtual book club. I have in the past been a member of a book club but then found I could not commit to the time each month or found any of the books interesting to read so when I did find the time to join them over coffee / cake I could only talk about the first chapter and not really offer anything else, so I slowly  added it to my list of commitments I could do without as I could not give the group 100 % of my time. But when I was asked on Wednesday if I would like to join I got excited, I don’t really know why but the thought of being part of a virtual book club sent my senses into a bit of a fizz. Then when I found out what the first book they were planning on reading, I knew this group was where I was meant to be and that none of the books that would be selected in the future would be a problem to get passed the first chapter.

Not only was I enticed by the first book of choice but also the fact the group would be getting together over a whole day to discuss it, resulting in the fact I could dip in and out of the conversation easily in between work, looking after the house and running the children around. Win win, I thought to myself so I quickly raised my bar and typed “Yes I would love to join what a great idea”.

What Is This Virtual Book Club

  • Sustainable book club #susbc is a group of people on Twitter who are interested in sustainable living.
  • As a group we pick a book and read it over 6 – 8 weeks.
  • During a whole day you can review the book and join in with the everyones conversation.
  • If you are not on Twitter Zoë Morrison will be discussing the book on here Facebook group here.

This Months Book 

clothing poverty

  • Book – Clothing Poverty by Andrew Brooks
  • Date For Review – 29th April 2015
  • Hashtag – #susbc

There are many ways you can read a copy of  each months book for very little money or free  if you don’t fancy buying a copy (as this could work out quite expensive);

  • Borrow from you local library – Your local library can order in books for you and there is a 50p charge for reserving any book you are looking for. (The library offer books in paperback, audio and as a ebook.)
  • Ask friends – You could see if there are any of your friends that live local to you who would like to join the group and then you could collectively buy each book, keeping the cost down.
  • Borrow from Amazon – If you are a Prime Account customer on Amazon you can borrow books for free to read on your kindle or kindle app. (I do this quite a lot as it saves me lots of money buying all the books I would like to read) Although please note Amazon don’t always have the book you are looking for on their borrowing program.

This month I decided to buy my copy, with all the excitement of joining this virtual book club hit my Amazon app and ordered my copy. Not even 24hrs later my lovely postman knocked on my door with my copy which I can’t wait to start reading.

I would love for you to join our virtual book club and hear your thoughts on all the books we are going to be reading.

Who is up for joining us?


2 responses to “Virtual Book Club – Clothing Poverty

  1. Clothing Poverty sounds an interesting book. Not sure I can commit to even an online discussion it would be interesting to read the discussion.

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