Mothers Day Is Not Just About Cards And Flowers

Mothers Day Is Not Just About Cards And

Everywhere I go for the moment I am being reminded that Mothers Day (15th March) is only a few days away. I may be thinking outside the normal commercial box here but I believe Mothers Day (just like valentine’s day) is not just about cards and flowers that we should send our mothers once a year. But in fact Mothers Day is everyday of the year!

What do I mean by this? Our Mothers are there for us everyday of our lives to help us learn and grow into the people we are today, create memories for us to cherish and are always on hand through the good and ruff times. Surly everyday we should be celebrating our Mothers.

paul and i

(Paul & I hanging out having a fun day)

I had my son at a very early age and throughout his 17 years I feel blessed to have him in my life everyday and every day (nearly every day depending on the teenage mood) he makes me feel that I am doing a great job, he can talk to me about anything and that he has been able experienced things that has made him into the kind hearted person he is today. Like wise with my 2 girls who are a lot younger (6 & 5 years) as I watch them grow and their personality form, I celebrate every day the joy they bring into my life and the joy I bring into theirs.

The Girls

(family fun day in the park)

I don’t need one day of the year for all three of them  to tell me they love me with a card that sits on side for a week and then ends up in the recycling bin or flowers that die after a few weeks and then feed my compost. They tell me every single day that they love me by the way they smile at me each morning and the kiss they give me before they go to bed. (Yes my 17 year old kisses me goodnight every night.)


(my lovely Mum on her birthday)

I really feel that as a society we have become so commercialized that shops have to remind us that we are ment to appreciate our Mothers and tell them we love them! But why? And I will never really understand the answer, all I know and believe is I dont need to be reminded that I love my Mother and appreciate all that she has done for me. I am reminded of that everyday because without her love, time, and teaching I would not be the person I am today, I would not be the Mother I am today and I would not have the love of my children.

We may not talk too / see our Mothers everyday or even live in the same country as them but our Mothers are part of our make up and we carry them around in our hearts every single day of the year. Thank you big commercial business for reminding me its Mothers Day on Sunday but in my house Mothers Day is everyday and thats just the way I like it!

How do you feel about society tellings us what day we should show appreciation to our Mothers?


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