8 Week Challange To Improve The Simplicity In Your Life

8 week challange


First of all I would like to say a massive thankyou to all of you for supporting my family over the last couple of weeks while hubby had his heart operation. I am pleased to say his operation went well with no hiccups and he is now home with the family recovering.

While I was traveling up and down from the hospital and sitting around the hospital waiting rooms, waiting to hear some news I came up with an idea to run a 8 week challenge to improve the simplicity in yours / my life with my wonderful facebook group Creating A Simple Lifestyle.  (This is a group of people who are either just starting to make changes or have already started to make changes to their lives to live a simplistic lifestyle.)

So over the next 8 weeks we will be covering Decluttering our home in areas that sometimes get overlooked, Happiness, Learning / Personal development, Finances, Time management, Health, Relationships and Social.

How is this going to work? Each Monday throughout the 8 weeks I will be posting a short video on the group page outlining the weeks challenge with a PDF more in depth version of the video. Then throughout the week the group will encourage each other and share what they have been up to during that weeks challenge.  While I will also be posting up lots of ideas on how succeed on each challenge and pictures of how I am managing to complete each weeks challenge. (As I am also going to be taking part in all 8 of the mini challenges throughout the 8 weeks.) Then on week 9 I am going be hosting a webinar to congratulate everyone who has taken part, answer any questions first hand, offer further support and ideas covering all the areas we have looked at during the challenge.

We would love for you to join us in our 8 week challenge to improve the simplicity in your / my  life.  To join  un in the group challenge all you need to do is join our Creating A Simple Lifestyle facebook group and you will find all the details of each weeks challenge on the group page.

I am super excited in taking part in this challenge  and looking forward to learning of you guys and moving even more forward on my families journey to live a simple lifestyle.


3 responses to “8 Week Challange To Improve The Simplicity In Your Life

  1. I think I’ve requested to join the right group! Unfortunately the links in your post don’t work on my phone so I did a Facebook search 🙂

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