Time Out To Spend With The Family

Time Out To Spend With The

Firstly I would like to thank you all for all your support through our journey becoming a household living an earth friendly and simple lifestyle. Secondly I would like to share with you something extremely personal that my family and I are going through at this time.

Back in October my husband went to the doctors for a medical as part of the conditions of his job, we all thought he would fly through like his has all the other medicals but on this one they found there was something not quite right with his heart. After attending lots of different tests at Christmas the medical team found that my one of husbands valves in his heart was not working properly and that he needed to have that valve replaced.

Due to the nature of my husbands job (taxi driver) he had to hand in his taxi licence and be signed off work for around 9 month to a year while he waits for his operation and recovery time. We made the most of Christmas under the circumstances (as we have never had him home before for the whole of the Christmas holidays as he is usually busy at work) and explain to our children and family what was happening with my husbands health.  But we never expected what would happen next, we thought we would have a long wait for his operation date and that while he was at home I could concentrate more on work and he could pick up the housework and childcare I would be unable to do. Instead Martyn (my husband) started to go downhill fast and after having more tests by the 2nd week of January were told he needed to be fast tracked to the top of the waiting list as a high priority case. Since then we have been living each day waiting for the phone call to say there was a bed free and and that his operation would be happening. Friday was that day the call came and on this Thursday they will be operating on his heart.

As you can imagine, I need to be spending time with my children and Martyn supporting them while he is in hospital. Therefore I will not be blogging or will not be blogging as regularly as I normally do over the next two weeks.  I will be dipping into my facebook and twitter page while we are running backwards and forwards from the hospital so if you would like to contact me for advice in anything please feel free to contact me through these social media page and I will answer them before the end of each day. Also if you would prefer to send me an email, please feel free but I can not guarantee that I will access my emails everyday so it may take me longer to get to you.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support during this difficult my family are going through. 

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9 responses to “Time Out To Spend With The Family

  1. Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Quite rightly, your family comes first – we will all be here when you are ready to pick up the reins. I hope everything goes well for your husband xxxx

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