Method; Are They As Good As They Look


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Last week I was approached by the earth friendly company Method to test out and review their products. I agreed to review some of their products so a few days latter I received a nice pink package full of Method cleaning products. I must add at this point I am not receiving any financial gain by reviewing their products and what I have found by using Methods products is of my own opinion and not of anyone elses.

Who are Method

After being exposed to toxic cleaning products, founders of method, Eric and Adam decided to join forces to reinvent the industry. Eric knew people wanted cleaning products they didn’t have to hide under their sinks whilst Adam knew how to make them without any dirty ingredients. With this, they set out to create an entire line of home care products that were powerful, gentler than a thousand puppy licks and able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon.

Method’s mission are for happy, healthy homes. Homes where toxic chemicals don’t lurk beneath people’s sinks or lay in wait on your surfaces. Homes where clean doesn’t come with eye-watering, breath-holding side effects. Happy, healthy homes are the result of eliminating dirt with products formulated from naturally derived ingredients, safe for your family and furry companions.
Not only do Methods products contain non toxic chemicals but the packaging is also earth friendly by being produced using a 100% recycled plastic, this resulting in a brilliantly green trifecta: less waste in landfills, less energy needed to make the resin (70% less than virgin!) and beautiful bottles. Method have also thought about what happens to their products packaging once they are empty by selling refill pouches  which offer a 78-82% water, energy + plastic savings instead of producing new bottles for each time you run out of Methods cleaning products.
What do I think
Method kindly sent me 4 different products to test which I am going to mark out of 10;
  • Hand Wash Fresh Currant – The first thing I can say is I love the colour of this bright red hand wash and on my first use of washing my hands with it, I found it highly scented. Some people may like their soaps to be highly scented but I am not one of them but I did not let that put me off using it and actually after washing my hands in their hand wash for a week I began to warm to the scent. The biggest test was whether my children would enjoy using it, (as I have mentioned in the past that I have had a few problems with soap and my girls) they found pushing the soap dispenser down easy and they loved the smell that much I had to ration how much soap they put on their hands, every time they washed them. So for me this hand wash gets 7 / 10.
  • Power Foam Dish Soap Lemon Mint –  As a person who does not use shop bought washing up liquid I was rather nervous to give this ago. After reading the instructions it did make me think how much water would I actually be saving as this foam dish soap is designed for you to spray individually on to your dishes, wipe with a cloth  and then rinse off. so my test was to half fill my kitchen bowl with warm water after a main meal and follow their instructions to the note. Although yes this dish soap is great at cleaning and removed grease really well, half a bowl of water was not enough and I ended up using 2 full bowls of water instead of just the one with my normal homemade washing up liquid. But I decided it was best to carry on using it all week to see if by the end of the week I had got the handle on our rising / water using problem. Unfortunately I did not and in fact stopped using it after 3 days because it was upsetting me how much extra water we were using.  I think if you have a dishwasher and only wash a few cups by hand then yes this is a fantastic product. But for a family of 5 with no dishwasher it really does not work. So for me this dish soap gets 3 / 10.
  • Multi Surface (non toxic) Cleaner Pink Grapefruit –  I am always spraying my kitchen unites, door handles etc.. in my house with white vinegar so I was very interested to give this ago. Again the first thing I noticed was the scent but this time it was not overpowering at all, it was a very fresh smelling scent which I enjoyed walking into my kitchen smelling. The second test was could it cope with wiping down all my kitchen unites and cooker after my hubby had cooked. (He is a very very messy chief dear of him.) Well it does exactly what it says on the bottle and cut through very easily the dryed on sauce mixture and grease from his cooking alot easier than what I normally use. To the point where I give this 10/10 because I am so impressed.
  • Air Freshener Sweet Tangerine – I am not a big fan of air fresheners so I just open the windows in our home no matter what the time of year and let in the natural fresh air outside. There is one room in our house that smells worse than any of the rooms and that is my sons (teenage) bedroom. So I thought if it can work in his room it can work anywhere; Although it has a tangerine smell to it, like the multi surface spray it has a fresh smelling scent that I could live with and certainly worked well at getting rid of my sons teenage smell for a few hours. The only thing is I am just not overly keen on masking odor and I would rather get rid of it altogether. But in saying that I would buy some to spray into my sons shoes at our front door to get rid of the horrible foot odor they fill the air with. So for me this air freshener gets 7 / 10.

As you all know I am not a big fan of buying cleaning products of the shelf as by making them I save money and I know exactly what is them. But for an earth friendly product I would buy some of Methods products to take with us when we are camping instead of taking lots of different ingredients for me to make different cleaning products while we are away, after all I am meant to be on holiday too. I also really (really) like the fact that when we have used up each product I can just go and buy a refill ready for our next camping holiday instead of having to go and buy a whole new bottle.

Have you ever come across Method?

If you have, have you ever used any of their products and what did you think?


4 responses to “Method; Are They As Good As They Look

  1. My introduction to the brand was when Mr H bought some gorgeous wood polish. Really effective and nurturing for our furniture without the hard graft involved with was polishes …AND a gorgeous almond smell reminiscent of the little blue pots of glue used at my 70s primary school. Then I bought some washing up liquid and a huge refill pouch when it was reduced to a silly price for clearance. It lasted for ages. I loved the clothes detergent with the no-messing ‘so-many-pumps’ system but I couldn’t bring myself to pay the full price when the supermarket with a capital ‘S’ ended the promotion. Perhaps they sell big refills for that too but I haven’t seen any since breaking the packaging to drain the last drop. You might have noticed that my planet-friendly ethics sometimes get pushed out of the way by economics but I still check the shelves for any special Method offers. And Good Housekeeping badges … of which a less flamboyant eco-friendly brand has a few.

  2. Terrific review – I’ve never heard of this brand of products before but they sound like they are worth checking out. I’m thankful my house cleaner already uses environmentally friendly products too.

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