Buy Nothing New January

Buy Nothing New January

I can’t believe January is over already, I don’t know if its me but January seemed to go flying by. Meaning we have reached the end of our first month on our challenge to buy nothing new for a year. To be fair this month has been really easy in some way because there was nothing much we really needed to buy.

But this month was also the start of a long year ahead of resorting our finances out as my hubby has been signed off work sick for a whole year (yes a whole year) because he needs to have a heart valve replacement operation. As you can imagine with out his full wage coming in to the household pot our finances are very tight. So although we have not had the need to buy anything new we have had to make other changes to find extra money to keep the roof over our head and food on the table.

What changes have we made

  1. We stopped buying films on sky to watch once a week and have revisited our DVD collection and have taken advantage of the free films we receive from as being a customer of Amazon Prime. Saving us £ 25 this month.
  2. My car needed some work doing to it for its MOT, usually hubby does this work resulting in us not having to pay a garage bill but because he is not well enough to do the work we sourced the parts for my car and managed to get them at trade price saving us 40% off the original price. We then approached local garages and asked them how much they would charge us to fit the part we already had instead of them having to source the part and charge us for that as well as labour. One of the garages we approached said they would charge us just £30 to fix my car with our part. In total by doing it this way we saved £250.
  3. Because of the lifestyle that we live I have huge chunks of my diary  filled with outside commitments and free time which I normally fill up with visiting friends, going for walks or doing something creative for our home. Under the circumstances I re looked at my diary and moved things around  by taking a step back from some of my outside commitments and re schedule my free time so I would be able to go out and bring some extra money into the house.  With all this re scheduling and moving things around in my diary I managed to free up a day and a half of the week. Resulting in me being able to take on three house cleaning jobs. Total extra money I was able to bring in this month £292.50.
  4. My son’s hobby of BMXing is a very expensive hobby and although he works two days a week at a local garage to pay for all the bike parts he needs etc… Between my hubby and I we still pay out a lot of money in fuel running him around the different BMX ramps he likes to ride on. This fuel cost needed to come down slightly so we spoke to one of our sons friends parents and asked if we could take it in turns and effectively car share these journeys, they agreed which was fantastic as it not only freed up some of our / their time but also saved us  all fuel in our cars. This small change saved us £100 in fuel this month.
  5. Once a week we use to treat ourselves to a take away of some sort (usually a chinese) which costs us around £25 to treat the 5 of us. Instead we have changed that night to pizza and movie night with me making homemade pizza costing £5.00 for the five of us. Saving us this month £100 on take out.

Although apart from having to buy new parts for my car (as second hand ones would not have done the job) and not buying anything else we did not really need we managed to save £475 this month. But on top of that I managed to bring in an extra income of £292.50 on top of our other income. Not bad for one month even if I do say so myself!

Roll on February
How has your buy nothing new January been and how much money do you think you saved?

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