Green Oven Cleaning Tips

Greeen Oven Cleaning TipsThere are not many jobs around the house I don’t like or enjoy doing but cleaning my oven is one of them. Before I took to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle once in a blue moon I would buy a oven cleaning product that was so full of toxic chemicals the smell blue my head off, my eyes would water and I had to wear rubber gloves to stop the skin from my hands being burnt off. I always thought to myself each time I plucked up the courage to enter the danger zone of oven cleaning, “If it making me feel like this what on earth is it doing to my oven?” In reality these highly toxic chemicals where not just affecting me but they were also effecting the lovely environment I enjoy so much enjoy living in.

The two main ingredients these shop bought oven cleaners contain are;
  • Methylene chloride – used in paint stripper.
  • Ethylene Glycol – which is used in antifreeze for your car.

Now two years on my journey to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, I still don’t like cleaning my oven, in fact its a job I keep putting off but I do clean it more often that I did before because what I use does not burn my skin, make my eyes water or blow my head off, let alone damage the lovely environment I enjoy living in. The other bonus is that by using natural cleaners they are less expensive than the chemical oven cleaners and 90% of what I need I already have in my kitchen cupboards and is part of my week to week shopping any way.


Green cleaning

  1. Give your oven shelves a bath soak – Place some towels down on the bottom of your bath to stop your bath being scratched by your metal oven racks and the place your oven racks on top of your towels. Fill your bath with 4 liters of white vinegar, pour on top 2 cups of baking soda then wait for all the fizzing to stop. Once all the fizzing has stopped, top the rest of your bath up with hot water (I usually top my bath till its half full)  and leave to do its thing over night. In the morning wipe over your oven rakes and rinse, if you have not cleaned them for a while (like me) you may need to repeat the process one more time.
  2. Homemade oven Cleaner – Preheat your oven to 300 degrees and mix together 10 drops of lemon essential oil with 1/2 cup of water. Once your oven has hit temperature turn off and spray your oven with the essential oil / water mixture and leave while your oven cools. Then mix together 1/4 cup of table salt, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of liquid castile soap into a past and spread this paste around your oven and oven door, then leave it to do its thing over night. In the morning mix 1/2 cup of water with 1/4 cup of vinegar into your spray bottle and spray around your oven, wipe and rinse your oven  until all the grease and stuck on grime has been removed.

What homemade oven cleaner  recipes do you use on your oven?


4 responses to “Green Oven Cleaning Tips

  1. My oven really needs a clean! I’ve tried cleaning it with a baking soda paste (i.e. bicarbonate of soda and water) before and it didn’t have much effect. I might give this a go – thanks for sharing!

    • I think it works more to the fact that you add castrol soap to your baking soda as castrol soap dissolves grease. I use Dr Bronner castrol soap only because I use it for other things in the house,

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