Why I do I do what I do ?

why I do what I do

I have been asked this question twice this past week. Why do you do what you do? The easy answer because I find it hard to live with myself knowing that I personally have done my bit to kill this wonderful, exciting, beautiful planet we call home and I don’t want to live the rat race that I lived nearly two years ago. I want to live a life true to my inner spirit and in order to do that I can’t be living my life on a roundabout going around and around in circles.

family 1

Since making changes to the way we live, my family is healthier and stronger in spirit with our core beliefs. I know this sounds so out there and hippy dippy but really its not that far out there. To live your life to the full you need to understand who you are and what things are important to you. For me thats my family and the environment around me. The things that are not important to me is money, yes it’s nice to have money in the bank but for me money is just a thing that helps me put food on the table, clothes on my childrens back and roof over our head. Any more than that is not really that necessary to live a full life. Or a top high flying job where I am stressed out all day and suckes all the enjoyment out of living because of the demands that job holds.
So I do what I do because it is who I am!  If I had been asked this question three years ago or even 7 years ago my answer would of been completely different. I was living a life that follows the norm of what society asks us to do. I lived like this without ever questioning is this really who I am but at the same time just felt empty, suffocated, unfulfilled and even question why am I even here.  Sometimes it takes years to discover who you are, what your core values are, what you really want out of life and what gets you excited to jump out the bed in the morning.

family 2

I am thankful everyday that I had a accident and damaged my knee to the point I could not walk. Because it made me take stock of everything that was around me and forced me to look at ME and what I wanted out of life. From that moment on my life changed for the better and enabled me to learn everyday how I can try and make amends with the damage I have personal caused to the planet and reduce any other damage I may cause. My life is free spirited that each day is different (which makes me jump out of bed in the morning with excitement) allowing me to learn new things about myself and create lovely memories for my children to carry throughout their life. Not to mention my goals in life have changed and the goals my family have has changed that we now live a core value existence instead of living a life society says we should.
Therefore I do the things I do because they are deep inside my core and are what makes me the person I am and I am happy with that because I am being true to myself. Many people may not understand why I am the way I am, understand why I do certain things in certain ways  or think I am way out there on cloud cuckoo land and I am ok with that because I am happy with who I am, I am just me!
family 3
Why do you do the things you do?

3 responses to “Why I do I do what I do ?

  1. Wonderful post! I try to live a simple life and some may think that means a life of self-denial. But the things I have given up are things that made me unhappy: work I don’t like to buy stuff I don’t need, stuff that takes time and money to maintain, food that’s bad for me, etc.

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