I Am So Excited !!!!!!!

Last week I asked you all if you would mind helping me make a decision about which if any ebook or workbook I should have a go at writing and all you wonderful people did.

THANK YOU so so much for taking the time out to vote on my little poll between;

  • Simple living workbook
  • Zero food waste cooking ebook
  • Zero food waste workbook
  • Chemical free home ebook

And the deciding vote was

Advertising simple living workbook

As you can see I have a front cover and lots of lists / notes to put in some sort of order before writing this very exciting workbook.

I have set a deadline to finish writing and designing this workbook by the 1st February 2015 (now I am accountable to this deadline ahhhhh scary)

I can not thank you all enough, without your support Mommy Emu would not be where it is today and this fantastic opportunity for myself to write this Create A Simple Lifestyle workbook would never have come my way.

So if I could I would hug and kiss you all but instead


 mommy emu signature



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