Chemical Free Homemade Foaming Hand Wash

Handmade gentle but fun foaming handwash

In my bathroom I have a bar of Dr Bronner soap but one thing I have noticed over the last few month is my children seen to have difficulty using it and also find it difficult to place back in the soap dish. I dont know if its just my own children or if all children are like this but I find our soap left in the sink bowl with chunks missing out of it if they do manage to use it or else the soap is just left in the soap dish dry and they just wash their hands with water. (Which I really don’t want to think about)
As I want them to wash their hands every time they go to the toilet and before meals but I don’t want to have to stand over them every time just to make sure they use the soap. I thought I would make some fun foaming soap for the bathroom, which will not only be easier to use but will also be fun as well.
After trying out different ideas on how to do this I came across a fab recipe by Jillee at One Good Thing . Not only did it work, my children love using it that in the first week of being in our bathroom they washed not only their hands with it but their my little ponies and dolls with it too. Resulting in one bottle only lasting a week!
Gentle But Fun Foaming Hand Wash
Whats your favorite handmade soap recipe you like to make? 


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