I Am Taking The Project 333 Challenge

Project 333

I came across the Project 333 challenge last year and have been following them on Twitter and Facebook. But never thought it was the right time to take part, until now due to the fact I have fully embraced simplicity and plan on living a happy, simple life.

So what is project 333, in a nutshell its about simplifying your wardrobe down to just 33 items and wearing only those 33 items for 3 months.  To me 33 items seems a lot as I don’t have a massive wardrobe (only cos I hate going clothes shopping) and in total I probably don’t have 33 items hanging in my wardrobe. But in fact after reading the rules completely these 33 items includes your shoes, jewelry, scarves, coats, handbags as well all the other items of clothing you have. Ok so I do have way more than 33 items if you include all the other pieces as well.

project 333 rulesThere are not many rules to follow when taking part in Project 333 

  1. Choose 33 items of clothes – In your 33 items  include clothes, outerwear, accessories, jewellery and shoes. (But this not does not include things like wedding ring / or other jewellery you never take off, underwear and nightwear) When you are considering what items to be part of your 33, you need to create collections of different outfits that are casual and smart (Work and play clothes as I call them) as you are going to be wearing these outfits in every area of your lifestyle for 3 months.
  2. Box Up –  Once you have chosen your 33 items box up everything from your wardrobe, shoes, accessories you have not chosen. Seal the box and store somewhere you can not see it every day. For example your loft or a damp free garage.
  3.  Extra – This project is not a challenge in suffering, if an item of clothing wears out or you lose weight and an item no longer fits during your three months, you can go out and buy a replacement. (Hopefully from a charity shop before hitting the high street)


Project 333 tips Top Tips For Project 33

  • Take an inventory of every piece of fashion you own to help you start to choose what is going to be in your collection of 33 items. You can use the make space approach to help you with this.
  • Make a list of the clothes you love to wear a lot of the time as this will help you make outfits that will part of your 33 collection.
  • Choose a main item that will go with most of the outfits you are going to create. This can be anything from a coat to shoes.
  • By building a selection of outfits that are adaptable in all areas of your lifestyle no one will notice that you are wearing the same thing over and over again for 3 months. Instead you will notice how your wardrobe / draws are not bulging and struggling to shut.

Once the 3 months are over get out your packet away clothes and make a new list of clothes you like and then make a pile of clothes you no longer like. Take the clothes you don’t like to the charity shop, clothes swop party or sell online. Then start again making different outfits from 33 items and start your next 3 months afresh.

I am hoping from taking part in project 333 that I will never have more than 33 items of fashion in my bedroom for me to choose from when I get up in the morning.

On instagram ( #project333 ) I will be sharing every now again throughout the next 3 months the outfits I am wearing and at the end of the 3 months I will blog about how I got on.

Who fancies joining me taking part in project 333?



4 responses to “I Am Taking The Project 333 Challenge

  1. You don’t have 33 items hanging in your closet?! You don’t have 33 items hanging in your closet?! But I don’t understand! I’m trying so hard to minimalise and I declutter and declutter and yet I still have more than 100 items! How do you do it?! Are you sure there’s been no mistake?! Tell me your secrets!

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