Buy & Sell Pre Loved Products

Buy & Sell Pre Loved Products


For us to succeed in our buy nothing new for a year challenge I need to get my head around all the buy and sell sites there are around, so if I should need to buy anything I know exactly which sites to visit and keep my eye on as well as all the charity shops in my area. But not only will these sites be useful to buy items from but as our children grow through the year there will be things that we can sell from clothes they have grown out off to toys they no longer play with.


My top buy & sell sites

buy and sell 1

  1. Preloved – Is a classified site so there are no auctions, you just search what you looking for and once you have found something respond to the advert online with the seller. The thing I like about this site is there are no buying or selling fees and they have an in house delivery service you can use if you live too far away to collect the item.
  2. Gumtree – Is the equivalent to the classified pages in your local newspaper. You can search for an item and reduce the search to your area, next you contact the seller to buy the item either by collection or negotiate for the item to be posted to you.  What I did like most about gumtree is you can search for people giving away pre loved items for free which was really usefull.
  3. Ebay – Is a site where you can buy or sell billions of items that are pre loved, these can be anything from clothes to a whole second hand kitchen. The site works on a bidding system where you place a bid and as long as no one bids higher than you befor your items auction finishes you win the item.
  4. eBid – Is very much like ebay where you and buy or sell through auction but has a smaller variety of categories to choose.

When you are buying or selling online what are your favorite sites? 


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