Embracing Simplicity

embracing simlicity
Earlier in the year I decided that I could not sustain the pace of life I was living and it was time to slow down and live a more simple life. Although I made lots of changes to my lifestyle by decluttering all our clutter and half heartedly learnt to say no to some things I was asked to do. I never really embraced the simplicity of living a simple life which is why I kept falling back into the old trap of running around in circles with a diary that gave no let up for a long relaxing bubble  bath or just 3 minutes to read a book. So with a new year heading my way in just 2 days I have decided that 2015 is going to be nothing but a year of living a fulfilled simple life, in order to do this I had to embrace simplicity to the full.
 Inside Out
In order to a live a life completely simply I needed to understand the core of who I am as a person this includes my faults, flaws, strength and beauty. By understand these things about myself I able to see the world with open eyes. For example I am able to see who and what is really important to me. This takes time to do and sometimes it can be painful experience getting to know ourselves for who we are and not how people perceive us or make us think we are like. Through out the journey of living simply the journey to core of I am will be become easier. ( Everyday there is a new thing I can learn about myself as I  grow through our life experiences.)


Create A room for whats important


When I looked at the core of what makes me the person I am, I found the biggest part is not only my faith but my family. I am at my happiest when I am being creative making things for my family and making fantastic memories with my children that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. No matter what life journeys I travel down I have to make room to create these memories to be true to my core.


Accumination of stuff


Now I know what makes me who I am  and what’s important to me, I need to stop accumulating stuff to embrace simplicity. This not only means the possessions I accumulate around me in my home and through the work I do with Mommy Emu  (which I am continuously decluttering)  but also the stuff I accuminate to keep my self  busy and preoccupied. All that stuff I fill my diary up with that I don’t really enjoy doing but I  feel we have to do in order to keep other people happy or I  feel if I don’t do it then no one else will.  By letting go of this stuff I have started to experience a freedom and simplicity like never before.


This new found confidence I have found through going back to basics and fully embracing simplicity has helped me through the last few weeks when my husband had to take a step back from work while waiting to have a heart operation and our lives being turned upside down from the way we knew it. Instead of spending Christmas worrying about how we are going to survive, I spent my time creating new memories with our children and creating new family Christmas traditions and a very happy little family.

Simple Life

(Image taken from Unknown Author on Pinterest)

Is 2015 going to be your year of embracing simplicity?


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