10 Useful Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

10 Useful uses for old coffee grounds
I can’t start the day with out a fresh cup of home brewed coffee and five minutes of silence before the the house wakes up and the madness of getting everyone out the house on time starts.  Then I may have another fresh coffee half way through the day but just by having 2 cups of fresh coffee a day still produces a lot of fresh coffee grounds. I normally add my used coffee grounds into our compost but there must be lots of other interesting ways I can reuse my fresh coffee grounds.
Reuse Coffee Grounds
  1. Absorb odors – Used coffee grounds can be used the same as baking soda for absorbing odors around the home. Take a  small open container and fill with your old coffee grounds, place it in the room there is a funny odor, the coffee grounds will last up to two weeks without being changed, leaving you time to collect more grounds.  When you change your coffee grounds don’t throw them in the bin or wash them down the sink add them to your composting bin.
  2. Pest Repellant – Sprinkle used coffee grounds around your plants to protect them against destructive garden pests like ants, snails, and slugs.
  3. Worm Food Worms love to ingest used coffee grounds  which is ideal if you keep worms for vermicomposting instead of composting in a composting bin. Every now and again add your used coffee grounds to the dirt, this will enable them to live longer and give you good quality compost.
  4. Natural Abrasive – Sprinkle used  coffee grounds on to a cleaning cloth and in a circle motiotion scrub away stuck on food from cookers, ovens and kitchen units.  While used grounds are abrasive they are not harsh so they will damage your cooker , oven or kitchen units.
  5. Drain Cleaner – The gritty texture of coffee grounds and the strong scent helps unclog and deodorize your kitchen sink. Boil a cup of coffee grounds in a pot of water, and then pour the entire hot mixture down the drain.
  6. Homemade Candles– If you love the smell of coffee  like I do , why not turn your old grounds into  homemade candles? All you l need is some coffee grounds, a paper towel,  a cup of wax candle ends, a wick, scissors, a small saucepan for melting the wax, a small glass mixing bowl. You can find the full recipe here.
  7. Craft Projects Coffee grounds for childrens art projects. With a little glue they create a  three dimensional look to your childs art work.
  8. Body Scrub – Coffee grounds make an excellent exfoliating body scrub. Mix equal parts  used coffee grounds and coconut oil together, then scrub your skin from head to foot to remove all of those icky dead skin cells.
  9. Healthy Shiny Hair –  Before you shampoo massage a handful of used coffee grounds into your hair.  The coarse texture is enough to break apart any shop bought hair product residue, but it’s also gentle enough that it won’t damage your hair.
  10. Hand Odor Neutralizer – Cooking with onions and garlic leaves a strong odor on your hands that most liquid shop bought soaps can’t remove. To get rid of this odor wet your hands and rub a small amount of coffee grounds on them, rinse with cool water and the odor is gone.

How do you reuse you coffee grounds after your morning cuppa?


5 responses to “10 Useful Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

  1. As a follow on from 9, I have read that coffee can be used as a gentle way of dyeing your hair. You won’t get a solid all over colour change but repeated use of a coffee rinse will deepen natural browns. I’ve not tried this one as I use a cup of red wine and a pinch of paprika to reinforce my copper tint.

    Oh, and re 2, due to ridiculous changes in law we can advocate using coffee grounds around certain plants to ‘improve the soil’ but not to eradicate pests because coffee has not formally been tested or safety… Ridiculous when you think how unsafe pesticides are but that’s big business lobbying!

    • Thank you for the hair dying tip I am sure people would rather use coffee instead of highly chemical hair dyes.

      I will look into the coffee and eradicating pests more. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      • Ps – I still use it for pest control purposes of course. I just say with a straight face it is to improve soil and it just happens to have the side effect of deterring snails/slugs (which is perfectly legal) 😉

  2. I’ve tried using coffee grinds to deter slugs and snails with mixed success (find crushed egg shells more effective). On the other hand, as they are acidic, I have used them to make the soil more suitable for blueberry bushes.

    Apart from that, in the compost they go, but I would like to try your other suggestions.

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