Buy Nothing Day 2014


Image From Buy Nothing Day Website 

Back in the summer I challenged my family to buy nothing new for a whole month, during the month of June I learnt a lot about how much money we waste on buying stuff we don’t really need.  So I was so excited when I came across Buy Nothing Day which is taking part on the Saturday 29th November 2014.

So whats this buy nothing day all about?  Well in short it challenges us as consumers to spend one day not buying anything! This can be anything from a take away coffee to buying another outfit that we don’t really need. Instead of spending the day making purchases no matter how small, spending the day with family enjoying a walk, bike ride or watching a film from that massive DVD collection we all have but have forgotten what films are in there.  Whatever you decided to do treat the day like a holiday were NO shops are open.

 But what’s so bad about shopping? Shopping in itself is not bad it’s how we shop as consumers and how this has an  effect on our environment and our bank accounts too.  For example do we really know where that latest pair of jeans were made or what effect the processes of making those jeans  have had on the environment not to mention our purse at owning ten pairs of jeans.  Or do we really know what it takes to make that latest electronic equipment that your purchased and how that affected people all over the world and the environment. So as you see its not shopping itself thats bad its us thats bad at shopping.

polyp-cartoon-2Image from Buy Nothing Day 

Just by not shopping for one day how is this going to affect the environment? The planet we enjoy living on is not suddenly fix itself by us not shopping for one day. But by us consciously not buying anything for one day we can interested get us thinking about the way we shop and why we shop for what we want. We start the process of us changing our shopping habits by asking ourselves a few questions before we purchase the next in thing we think we need.

  • Do I really need another one / upgrade?
  • If I don’t get it how will it affect my life going without?
  • Where was it made? And under what conditions was it made?
  • What is the carbon footprint of this product?
  • How much packaging does the item come wrapped in?

Who is going to be joining me on NOT buying anything for just ONE day?


3 responses to “Buy Nothing Day 2014

  1. Unfortunately, 29th is out as my parents are visiting specifically to go Christmas shopping. I would like to do this on a regular basis, though, as I see many merits in the exercise. Good luck!

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