For A Simple Life We Need To Have Space

 for a simple life we need to have space
I have been having a lot of conversations with people recently about having space and by this I don’t mean decluttering your whole house to create space. I mean having an open space to breath, rest your eyes, read a book, an escape from everyday life.
Its so easy as parents to fill our day with work, jobs to do lists, housework, being a taxi to run our children too and from school, (not to mention all the clubs that they are part off) and outside family commitments. But in order for us to truly live a simple life we also need space.
Over the last few months I have learnt there are three types of space we need to be able slowdown our life and life a more simply you.
mental space
Our lives are so busy that we become mentally overwhelmed and so tired quickly with all the responsibilities we have and the roles we have to play that we have no time or space in our busy schedule to unwind and think.
But there are lots of times throughout our day where we can find time to have that empty space to be with our thoughts and and work things out in our head with no grey noise going on in the back ground. Instead we still find this time we could be using as our mental space with checking social media to keep up to date with what’s going on, (I know this is my biggest downfall) playing games on our smart phones or watching the recent episode of the tv soaps.
It give ourselves true mental space we need to unplug ourselves from the world around us. Make a nice cuppa and just sit in silence, take a bath and relax in the bubbles or curl up and read a chapter of a good book.
To be true to ourselves, be who we want to be  and what we believe in we need to have that empty white space with our own thoughts.
Space In Your Day
Our day gets so filled up that sometimes we wonder how we ever had chance to eat or even go for a pee. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep there is always something that needs to be done. Between work, school drop off to school pick up, meetings, childrens activities, catching up with friends and family and shopping just to name a few. That in most cases our day is completely full up before we have poked our toe out from under the cover. (I am tired just thinking about it all)
But in order to live a life of simplicity we need to have space in our day for that unplanned evening going to the cinema with friends or spur of the moment walk across the beach with the children.
The only way we can achieve this is to not over plan our day. One trick I found when I started to adapt my life to be more simplified way by limiting my commitments and learning how to say no. In doing this freed up a lot of space for me each day for those spur of the moment fun things that pop up from day to day.
Space In Your Future
We all like to make plans for the future and be completely organised by filling our diaries well in advance with the next meeting, childrens activities, holidays etc.. which is great because it gives us all things to work towards and helps us plan in advance other activities that we may be asked to take part in.
But we all need to leave space in our future plans for ourselves that make us the people we are such as hobbies, treating ourselves to something nice (in my case a trip to the hairdressers), family time playing board games or going for walk.
With this white space in our future plans, we can simplify our life, have time enjoying things for ourselves  and cut out a lot of the stress of trying to do everything.
How do you create space for you in your busy lives?

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