Homemade Christmas

Homemade Christmas
I love the run up to Christmas and the Christmas holidays. At the beginning of Christmas I busy myself with making homemade gifts for our loved ones , get the children involved in making decorations  and decorating the house.
While out shopping today I noticed all the shops are filling their shelves with Christmas decorations but these decorations seemed rather expensive to me and made me think how all these commercial decorations seem to be telling people that they needed to keep up with the current Christmas design and colour. I remember last year the bubbles seem to be in bright colours and this year they are all pastels. Which brings to question do we really need to ditch our decorations from the year before and buy new ones to keep up with the current trend?
So each year I am on the hunt for new ideas for us to make (at as little cost as possible) that we can add our other decorations and has very little effect on the environment.
Ideas For A homemade Christmas
decorations 2
Which favorite homemade Christmas decorations do you enjoy making every year? 

One response to “Homemade Christmas

  1. Toddler and I made oranges and cloves the other day, my favourite decorations to make because they smell so good and can go in the mulled wine when they start to dry to much

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