Lets Play The Minimalism Game Together

Minimalism Game

Today I agreed with my fellow blogger friend to take part in the Minimalism game starting on the 1st of November.  As with Christmas heading our way quicker than I would like, it would be great for me to get back into gear with creating a simple living family home and completely getting rid of any clutter we have left as I have lapsed a little over the last few months.
How do you play

This game only has one rule,  get rid of your clutter each day for a whole month.

So I have worked out (if my calculations are right) by playing this game over the month of November I would of got rid of 495 items of clutter. Looking around my home I am not sure where I am going to find that amount of clutter too but I am sure I will once I get into the swing of it.
Who wants to play with me
So I can stay accountable that I am sticking to the rules, each day I am going to be posting a picture of the items of clutter I am getting rid off  each day on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the tag #MinsGame.  I will also be creating an update post on here once a week on our experience of taking part in this game.
 Do you fancy playing this game during November with me?  
If so leave me your twitter or instagram name below and I will follow your progress as well so we can support each other.

6 responses to “Lets Play The Minimalism Game Together

  1. What with you *and* Make Do and Mend Jen both doing this I think I just might join in. Only, if I’d known, I’d not have sent so much clutter off to the charity shops already this year. Still, no harm in seeing how far I can get with the challenge, is there? I’ve not got a blog but I’m @RachaelHodgetts

    • I am sure there are a few more things you will find and I am so pleased you are going to join us. Just started following you on Twitter and I am looking forward to seeing your pictures through November.

  2. I think I’m in! I definitely have enough clutter to achieve this! I don’t have twitter or instagram only Facebook xxx

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